Windows 12: release date and features

After the latest version of window 10 released by Microsoft, windows lovers are eagerly waiting for Windows 12.  Windows 10 is a great window that has all the features that the user has always dreamed of. Microsoft is going to release a new version of the operating system called Microsoft Windows 12 and we all want to know about the release date and features of Microsoft Windows 12. The release date for Windows 12 has now been cleared by Microsoft.

Many people have assumed that the release date of Windows 12 will be September 2020, but their idea has gone wrong. Many people assumed that the release date of Windows 12 would be in November 2020, but this assumption was also wrong. But, don’t worry, here we will discuss with you the proper release date of Windows 12 which we have got from our researches.

Release date of Windows 12

If you want to enjoy the latest Windows 12, get ready to know the release date of Windows 12. Windows 12 will be released on December 29, 2020. Thousands of users have begun the process of migrating or installing Windows 12 on their systems. And different from what happened with Windows 8, it seems that Microsoft has managed to make happy almost everyone with its new operating system.

Features of Windows 12

The most interesting part of the big update launch is about what’s new about the update. What’s more, Million OS is undergoing a lot of changes. If you are a loyal Windows 12 user who wants to know what new features Windows 12 Update brings, please take a look at the following.

Addition of Clipboard History

A new feature brought by the Windows 12 update is the addition of clipboard history. If you make a copy or cut command, the data will be saved in the clipboard. The Clipboard History feature allows you to view all the data you have copied or cut in the form of text or files. Not only limited to viewing, but you can also freely choose which data you want to paste. So, you can copy the text continuously and then paste it in the order you want. Not only that, if you have devices connected using a Microsoft account, you can paste data from one device to another. The method is very simple, just press Windows + V to display your clipboard history window and all your copied or truncated lists will appear.

File Explorer File Dark

Previous versions of Windows 12 featured Dark Mode on the Windows 12 theme, including Settings, Microsoft Edge, Groove Music, Calculator, and other Windows 12 default applications. However, with the WIN 12 update, Microsoft made up for the shortcoming by introducing the file dark in File Explorer. People who use the dark mode and prefer a work night can experience a breakthrough in this regard. Did you know that you can also perform file execution and processing files in the context menu with a light text and a dark display background?

Snip & Sketch

This new feature is a feature that allows you to edit or scribble screenshots that you have just captured. Activities you can do with the cropping, marking, scribbling, even using crossbars and bows can attract you. The way to use this feature is also very simple, for screenshot you just need to press Windows + Shift + S. Next, please click on the image that appears in the floating window. You can then edit and sketch the screenshot results to your taste.

Texting from Your Laptop

On Windows 12 update, you can send and read SMS directly from the laptop. This version of Windows 12 lets you sync Windows 12 on a laptop with your Android smartphone. So, you can instantly view the SMS on your Android smartphone and also reply using the laptop. Not only viewing and sending SMS, but you can also view the pictures on your smartphone.  However, to use this feature, you need to install Microsoft Launcher or your phone campaign application on an Android smartphone. After that, please log in using the Microsoft account from the laptop.

Microsoft Edge Updates

The next new feature is the changes to Microsoft Edge. Is there a shadow in these changes which makes the effect of the depth of the display more obvious? Since then, all the settings on Microsoft Edge have been categorized, making it easier for users to find the desired settings. Not only that, you can now configure AutoPlay Media to set whether the video will play automatically or not. When you read a PDF using the Edge browser, you can now add notes and annotations. It will be interesting if you want to add some notes while reading the ebook. After that, if you open the reading view, there are currently learning tools available with text options that can be adjusted in view and color.