Windows 10 system requirements

Are you considering Windows 10 installation on your computer or laptop? Do you know system requirements for running windows 10? It will be better if you know your computer compatibility for windows10 version. There are some techniques to test requirements, but most of them are not reliable? So in this article, I shall give you recommendations for checking if your computer may run Windows 10?In a lot of compatibility tests, when you test it, you get a definite answer, but when you install, really, it becomes frustrating for you. There is a criterion to determine whether your system can run windows 1o or not. But for a newbie, it may not prove to be enough. Though your machine meets system requirements, there may still be trouble. Why?

Windows 10 works

There are a lot of people who are running into trouble. It is a fact the people whose system is running and working smoothly do not bother about support. But when they get in trouble, they need help. In fact, if you run window 10 in upgrades or clean install, it will usually run. But some people, due to some incompatibility problems, face trouble.

Windows 10 system requirements

Microsoft has given pre stipulated windows 10 system requirements on its page devoted to the process. There are minimum system specifications which are as under:

  • A1 GHz processor
  • Minimum RAM requirement 1 gigabyte is  for 32-bit Windows and 2 gigabytes for 64- bit
  • Hard disk requires 16 GB space for 32 bit and 20 GB for 64 bit.
  • DirectX 9 supported version of the graphic card.
  • With 800×600 pixels display resolution


Above mentioned requirements are minimum. Practically I shall recommend the following:

  • Minimum 2-GHz processor
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Hard disk available space minimum of 100 GB

On these specification windows, 10 will undoubtedly be installed and run. Your system should be closer to these requirements for providing acceptable performance. But it is a fact that with these requirements people again have difficulties. The case may be different. There may not be a problem with your computer, but there may be some other problem.

Other requirements

There may be other issues in other devices that are not the internal part of your computer. It may be a printer or a scanner. It may be a camera or audio device. Your system may be compatible with Windows 10, but the printer may not be updated for this version. If the computer is new and other added device is old, it may perhaps not work. With esoteric deices, the problem gets worse, though technically your system should work.

Your computer may meet minimum requirements but may not work, and there may be a fault in the machine. The hardware may not be standard or quality. With standard equipment, these problems are frequent. It is suggested you should test all aspects of your system with a reliable tool before going for a window 10 installation process.