Why Natural American Spirit cigarettes could be especially dangerous?

As we know that the tobacco industry has experienced a legal defeat in 2006 due to defraud with the American public with false information. The main reason was the deceptive marketing of some types of cigarettes. Now the law has prohibited the tobacco company from the use of product descriptions. However many companies are misleading consumers with the suggestion of organic and additive-free and less risky. This is false marketing of tobacco companies. This risk can cause a problem for many people as they will believe it less risky instead of quitting it.

Research can show that these claims can mislead consumers. About 64 % of people in America believe that American Spirit cigarettes are less harmful. This is all due to false marketing as they are convincing the smokers that these spirit cigarettes are 8.3% less risky than other brands. Research also shows characteristics of. American spirit cigarette like made of organic tobacco, 100 % additive-free are due to false marketing of companies.

Due to false marketing 50-60% of U.S. adults to believe in the characteristics of cigarettes. According to new research in Tobacco Regulatory Science, cigarette pack designs and descriptions are influencing the smokers. The findings of this research is given below.

Are American Spirit cigarettes more addictive than other cigarettes?

American Spirit cigarettes are more addictive than other brands. There is more amount of nicotine. According to the physical observation of American Spirit Cigarettes and five other brands, the research found that American Spirit Cigarettes have more tobacco filler that can produce more puffs. That can be harmful to your health as well as it can expose the image of the brand.

Further, there is another study on the harmful ingredients in American Spirit Smokers and four other brands. According to the result of the study, American Cigarettes have more nicotine.


Less Harmful and Non-Addictive

American Spirit ads convey cigarettes as less harmful and non-addictive. American Spirits has launched a new campaign in 2017 and they have given some new features like Real, Simple, Different, and Tobacco & water. As there was criticism on the words of additive-free and natural. The food and drug administration has allowed keeping the word natural in its brand.

However, the study also shows that some advertisements are conveying that American Spirit Cigarettes are less harmful. According to the observation of 482 participants that 26.1 % of people believe that cigarettes were less harmful with combination of the newest phrases. The use of American images and text “Natural” look.

The phrases natural, organic, tobacco and water, pictures of plants and farm are some tactics to convey the message. The study also shows that some of these ways can contribute to the reduction of harms. So there are many researches about these issues.  If we look at another research then we can see the design of American Spirits packs and terms and images then we can create some misperceptions. These misconceptions are brand owner is American Indian and it is grown by tribes and therefore healthier and desirable.

Natural American Spirit is offering different sorts of select channel cigarettes, which may contain nicotine and tar content. However, the discharged nicotine and tar substance can be modified with different filters and cigarette paper.

Popular flavors of American spirit cigarettes

American Spirit tobacco products have difficult ethical challenges. The products of Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, are made of organic and natural tobacco, these products do not contain harmful chemicals of other brands. The Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company promoting an all-natural, 100% additive-free tobacco products which are available anywhere.

There are some popular flavors of American spirit cigarettes

  • Gold Package with Organic Light Filter.
  • Maroon Package with Organic Regular Filter.
  • Celadon Package Medium Filter.
  • Yellow Package with Light Filter.
  • Yellow/White Pkg with Ultra-Light Filter.