What’s an OEM unlock in Android?

There are times when you would want to unlock your Android phone’s bootloader probably because you have heard a lot about all the great things you can do with your phone once you unlock it. Because of the open-source nature of Android devices, it is possible to possible to tweak them in any way you fancy, which means that you could unlock the bootloader of the device, root it and customize its ROMs among other options as long as you are able to first unlock its OEM.
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The OEM unlock feature was introduced into android phones after the Android Lollipop update.

The OEM unlock in android is necessary for unlocking the phone’s bootloader because, without it, the phone would not acknowledge the bootloader unlocking command. Contrary to what most people think, however, the OEM unlock does not cause damage to the android device. In fact, as mentioned above, many android devices with android versions from Android 5.0 and upward, have an option for you to make use of the OEM unlocking option of your phone.

If you choose to enable this function, you can also get access to unlock the bootloader of your phone. Making use of the OEM unlock feature of your android phone makes absolutely no difference to your phone except that you can now perform various functions on your phone that you would not have been able to perform had the phone’s OEM been locked. Where problems come in is if, after unlocking the OEM of your device, you decide to unlock its bootloader and proceed to tweak the device without proper knowledge of what you are doing.


If you have the technical know-how and a good idea of what you are doing, then the OEM unlock feature can be very beneficial to you. This is because of the various options you can access once your OEM is unlocked, and you also unlock the bootloader of your device. First, you would be able to install a custom ROM. This is an excellent option for those whose phones come with very small ROM, and they require more space. Also, you can update your kernel, root your phone and customize it in any way you desire.

The OEM of most devices is locked by default for security reasons. Therefore, an OEM that is locked saves your phone from various mishaps that could occur if you went ahead to unlock your phone’s bootloader and tweak the phone without having proper knowledge of what you are doing. Such disasters include phone malfunctions, loss of data from the phone, a bricked or dead phone that is beyond repair, and loss of privacy.

It is advised that before unlocking your phone’s OEM and trying to tweak it, you should be very tech-savvy and know precisely what it is that you are doing to avoid problems. Before deciding to unlock your OEM and your bootloader, you should also keep in mind that once you do unlock them, you are voiding your device’s warranty, and you would be solely responsible for any damage to your device.