What to do if someone has blocked your messages on Facebook?

If you want to tell if someone has blocked your messages on Facebook, you can use one of next 3 tips:1. Old conversations.
In your Facebook inbox you can search for that person’s conversation.

If you see the Facebook’s default picture and person’s name is no longer clickable, you know that person has bloked your profile.
2. See your Friend list. If the user has disabled his or her profile, you will geta message: “This account has been deactivated”.

But if you can’t find any person in the search result, maybe it confirms that you have been blocked by him.
3. Profile Link. The username is the URL that Facebook automatically assigns to each profile.
Try to look for the person’s name on Google and find facebook.com/username, where “username” is username friend.
If you can see the user id, name, first name, last name or username, then the user is existing and active on Facebook, but then you have been blocked.