What is web companion software?

Created by Adaware (recently known as Lavasoft), the Web Companion application is antivirus-type programming designed to shield computers from malware diseases and privacy breaches. In fact, it is classified as a possibly unwanted application (PUA) due to the way developers circulate it. Applications of this type are often installed by clients inadvertently, thus permitting the software to make changes to browser settings.

During the installation of Web Companion, the installer requests consent to make changes to program settings. Numerous users skip software installation steps and consent to everything, unaware of the dangers. At the time of exploration, Web Companion’s installer advanced the Yandex, Bing, and Yahoo search engines. Therefore, allowing changing browser settings will bring about the default web search tool, new tab URL, and landing page choices being allocated to one of these sites. As referenced above, this application is classified as a PUA, since designers promote it utilizing deceptive methods, for example, “bundling”. Subsequently, it is regularly introduced inadvertently. Try not to believe applications disseminated utilizing tricky techniques. In spite of the fact that Web Companion is certifiably not a pernicious program, numerous PUAs are disseminated in packs that may incorporate adware and program robbers.

Numerous applications are dispersed utilizing “packaging” and other comparable strategies. Models incorporate Lowe Registry Cleaner, Power PC Care 2018, and Advance PC Protector. For the most part, these applications are advanced as giving ‘helpful’ apparatuses, highlights, etc., nonetheless, few give the usefulness guaranteed. Most reason issues and lessen perusing quality, because undesirable sidetracks, convey advertisements, and so on.

How did install potentially unwanted applications on my computer?

The official site can be utilized to download Web Companion; however, if it was installed inadvertently, this likely happened when software developers employed the “bundling” technique. Bundling is a beguiling marketing method used to trick people into installing possibly unwanted apps together with another programming. Developers hide these applications in “Custom”, “Progressed”, and other comparative settings/options of the download or installation set-ups.

Data about the consideration of PUAs within set-ups are not expected disclosed. They can easily go unnoticed, particularly if the establishment/download steps are skipped and all settings left unaltered.

How to avoid potentially unwanted applications on my computer?

When installing or downloading programming, check all “Progressed”, “Custom” and other comparative settings/options, deselect undesirable applications, and really then finish the download/installation measure. Avoid utilizing third-party software torrents, downloaders, or other peer-to-peer organizations, and unofficial or/and conniving sources to download software.

Utilize only official channels and direct connections. Bear in mind that cybercriminals put time and money into ad design and, consequently, most intrusive advertisements will appear to be real. Once clicked, notwithstanding, they frequently divert to undesirable/dishonest sites like erotic entertainment, betting, grown-up dating, etc. On the off chance that you experience these sidetracks or promotions that reason them, check for undesirable augmentations, additional items, and modules introduced on your program.

Also, check the list of introduced programs on your PC. Eliminate any suspicious/unwanted passages. If your PC is already infected with PUAs, we suggest running a scan with Combo Cleaner Antivirus for Windows to automatically dispose of them.

The problematic action of Web Companion

We ought to likewise add that the program’s movement can likewise be very irritating and raise a ruckus when attempting to uninstall this alleged framework assurance apparatus. The once installed program professes to ensure against the following threats:

  • Rogue websites;
  • Invasive ads;
  • Data tracking;
  • Phishing scams;

However, clients begin accepting notices about recognized dangers from the application just after the main output is done. Unfortunately, these cautions don’t have an expiry date, so you can be overflowed with ceaseless messages each time you begin utilizing your PC. It has been fundamentally weakening clients’ perusing experience since it keeps springing up generally regularly.

Sadly, infection check results and extra advertisements that come from the application are not really dependable. Engineers intend to create income and attempt to fool individuals into accepting that their PCs are contaminated to keep utilizing not exactly dependable administrations. At times, clients may even be provoked to buy the superior form or install extra security tools.

Conceivably the greatest warning is that, in the event that you are as of now utilizing a dependable security instrument like Malwarebytes, it would quickly hail the application. There are many other security devices that identify it under the following names:

  • Program.Unwanted.3914
  • PUA: Win32/Puasson.A!ml
  • A Variant Of MSIL/WebCompanion.C Potentially
  • Generic PUA CJ (PUA)
  • PUFF.WebCompanion!8.9E98
  • Riskware/WebCompanion

Therefore, we prescribe you get a reliable device to keep up your PC’s security. Also, on the off chance that you have been addressing yourself on the off chance that you should eliminate Web companion from the system, our answer is “indeed, you ought to.” You can uninstall the application from Windows 7, Windows 10, or different Windows working frameworks with the assistance of the bit-by-bit control given beneath.

Manual expulsion doesn’t take a lot of time. In any case, run our prescribed apparatuses to ensure that there could be no extra records on the framework. Remember that such applications will in general adjust the PC’s library and start extra alterations to begin working with each framework’s startup. To return these changes, we propose utilizing Reimage.


Web Companion is a software program created by Lavasoft. The most well-known delivery is 4.2.1846.3481, with more than 33% of all installations at present utilizing this rendition. During setup, the program makes a startup enlistment point in Windows to consequently begin when any client boots the PC. After being installed, the software adds a Windows Service which is intended to run constantly behind the scenes. Physically halting the help has been believed to make the program quit working appropriately. Deferring the beginning of this help is conceivable through the assistance supervisor. A booked endeavor is added to Windows Task Scheduler to dispatch the program at various planned. The essential executable is named Lavasoft.AdAware.dll. The setup bundle by and large installs around 58 records and is as a rule about 11.75 MB. Comparative with the general use of clients who have this installed on their PCs, most are running Windows 10 and Windows 7 (SP1). While about 53% of clients of Web Companion come from the United States, it is additionally famous in Germany and United Kingdom.