What is Table Shower Massage?

Of course, it is nothing more than adding comforts in your life. With every passing day, there is a persistent improvement in technology, and hence, lives of people are getting better. So, in the past few years, there has been seen an explosion in the use of spas. But, in the present age, the emergence of table shower massage has come under the spotlight.

For the time being, there is a number of places and clubs that provide their customers with the service of table shower massage, and this number is on the forward track.

What is Table Shower Massage?

Most of you will be unaware of this word, but it is going to be the part of the past because we are going to make you familiar with what the table shower massage is. Basically, it includes two different steps; the first one belongs to massage and the second one the shower.


Before going deeper into the details of the table shower massage, we are due to tell you that it is a big but comfortable table with sides on which a person lays down. Then, in the first step, the massage of the person is done. In massage, the person laying down flat with face up and completely naked is cleaned from face to feet, without touching genitals. After that, the person is turned over and cleaned from neck to feet. Now, the massage of the body is done again with the scrubs for better results. You may have a small-sized towel if you are shy.

Moreover, having massaged the specific body part, the part is covered with the towel. If there is a woman, the chest will not be massaged.
This first step of table shower massage will last for ten more minutes after applying the towel on massaged parts.

Now, in the second step of the table shower massage, a Vichy shower is used to rinse off the applied scrubs. The soap is used to easily rinse away the sticky olive oil and scrubs from the body of the person. After having a proper wash, the body is dried with a towel.

So, here the table shower massage ends that lasted for about one hour.

  • Benefits of Table Shower Massage
  • It provides you with the amazing comfort
  • Your skin gets a new glow
  • It leaves a positive impact on your mind