What is shipment on hold in DHL?

It is frustrating to see that your DHL package is stuck. One common message people see from DHL is “DHL shipment on hold” or “Holdship ship – bone – DHL”. What does this message mean? A “DHL shipment on hold” message means your package will be delayed. The hold is usually no longer than 1 week. DHL Express currently delivers globally. This simply means that they deliver and carry the customer’s shipment as usual.

DHL Express follows a secure strategy when it comes to local barriers. They respond responsibly to ensure the safety and security of consumers. Some of the achievable reasons for this grip message are as follows:

  • Bad weather conditions
  • Other forms of natural disasters
  • Port congestion
  • Change of ship routes
  • Lack of space and equipment
  • Insufficient information provided by the sender
  • Incomplete documentation required for US Customs
  • Fails to notify party or broker
  • Global pandemic

Read on to learn more about “DHL Shipment on Hold Message”, its possible causes, and until this hold is lifted and your package starts moving again.

DHL Shipment on Hold

A “DHL shipment on hold” message means your package will be delayed. Unavoidable circumstances may delay the shipment. Sometimes, the problem is with the sender, but there are also times when the recipient has a problem. Sometimes there are cases with DHL, and more often with the Border Customs.

How long does it takes for a DHL shipment hold to be resolved?

There is no specific timeline when it comes to dealing with shipment delays with DHL or any other carrier. But, most often, delays are dealt with within a week from the actual delivery date. These delays are most likely due to the following reasons.

  • Port congestion
  • Changes to shipping routes
  • Shortage of shipping space and goods
  • Insufficient information provided by the sender
  • Incomplete documentation required for US Customs
  • Fails to notify customs broker or party

However, it may also depend on how effective your customs brokers are in coordinating with all parties involved. Reasons for further delays may include:

  • Long weather conditions
  • Damage from natural disasters
  • Global pandemic

To better understand the “hold on shipment – DHL” message and why let’s take a look at the various causes of this phenomenon.

Bad Weather Condition

Delays in shipments can result from bad weather conditions. An example would be a typhoon in the sender’s area. A typhoon can also occur when your parcel is in transit. In that case, the ship may not be able to leave the dock on time, or it may have to make an emergency at another port until it is safe to sail again. However, the plane will most likely arrive late.

It is also possible that your parcel has already arrived at the destination port. You all know, it may be many miles away from you. But DHL could not provide it because it is dangerous to be on the road.

Other Forms of Natural Disasters

In the insurance industry, the ‘nature of action’ is bad weather and other forms of natural disasters. Natural disasters are not just about bad weather. It also means fire, earthquake, and flood. These disasters can occur in the sender’s area when your parcel is in transit or the recipient’s area.

Port Congestion

Another reason you see the “DHL shipment on hold” message is port congestion. When we say port congestion, there is no vessel available for your cargo ship. This means that the ship will still have to wait for a slot. For this, he has to wait for another ship to leave the port, and in that case, he has to stand in line and wait outside at the anchorage.

The congestion in the ports seems to be increasing every year. The problem with this is the domino effect. The ships or trucks attached to it are affected which will deliver your parcel to your destination. Also, it affects the entire shipping company’s schedule, DHL, and recipient. Therefore, if your parcel is work-related, your work is also affected.

One of the most important consequences of port congestion is that it affects the revenue of all businesses involved. Shipment delays incur additional head costs and other costs. Unfortunately, this means an increase in the fees paid by the sender and the recipient.

Changes in Shipping Routes

There are various reasons why container ships change routes. One of them is due to bad weather conditions, which we discussed earlier. There are times when the ship needs to make an emergency stop at another port until the weather improves.

Also, there are times when the scale of deliberate price reductions changes. For example, if a vessel is capable of carrying extra parcels, the shipping company may instruct its ship to stop at another port to load more packages. While this can be beneficial for shipping companies, it can, unfortunately, lead to scheduling problems.

Shortage of Vessel Space and Equipment

The container ship may not have enough space and equipment to keep your shipment safe. In that case, your shipment has to stand in line and wait for the next ship to deliver it to the destination port – and finally, to you. If this is the reason for the delay in shipment, then we can say that the shipping company is simply following the safety protocol.

It doesn’t just keep your shipment safe. It makes everything and everything safe. But then, like other reasons for delays, it also hurts, especially if the shipment is strictly following a deadline. If this happens, then you will see on your DHL tracking information that your package needs to be stopped.

Inadequate Information Provided by the Sender

Defective contact details from the recipient often lead to shipment delays. Can you imagine the possibility of further distress if even the contact details of the victims are insufficient? The courier company has no way to reach both the seller and the recipient. Thus, shipment delay.

Your shipping vessel may also arrive on time, but communication with the last vehicle carrying your shipment is hampered by incomplete details. The logistics company – in this case, it’s DHL – can send you more mail to find out. But if they have removed all options, they can only do so when you contact them.