What is a bachelor of science and how to write correctly?

Do you know how to write bachelors of Science degree name? When writing your degree name in your resumes, there is confusion about how to write it accurately. There are different schools of thoughts about the correct form of a Bachelor of Science degree. In this article, I shall go through different spelling types of Bachelor of Science and tell you about proper form.

According to academic etiquettes, I can say that I am studying for a Bachelor of Science degree because I m studying and interested in physics. But when I say that I was awarded the Bachelor of Science from the University of Washington, in this situation, we will capitalize on the degree name. We will use the possessive form of bachelor. Bachelor’s separates the two different terms. But when we are talking about bachelor and science, these are in the singular form. There is the other variation as “bachelor-of-science” instead of bachelor of science. But which is the correct?

Bachelor of Science refers to a certificate or diploma or the person who has acquired such a certificate.

Singular and plural form

  • If I say that Antony and I have earned a bachelor of science degree in this scenario, there will be two bachelors of science. It may be correct for plural form for a singular it is wrong.
  • If we consider possessive construction, then Bachelor’s of Science” becomes wrong when we read it, we may be confusing. Does it mean a personal science of a bachelor or the science owns the bachelor?
  • We must use the first form given above.

In another sense, the word bachelor has ambiguity in English. We call a bachelor an unmarried person. The correct title maybe a bachelor of science. Now there is only one issue. We capitalize it or not?


We usually use a lower case when we use a common space like “view from my window,” Often we use lower case in bachelor of arts. But when we use it in another context, we can cap this word. We capitalize on a book title. It means the context of usage of a degree, has to do with the correct form. In this sense, we may use Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Science according to the context.

So what is the correct form, we must write it according to the context.

WHY BACHELOR’S of science

According to standard writing guidelines, we should use the lower form with an apostrophe. It is a proper form of English, as degree becomes the possession of a student, and we may consider it as his property. If the style of degree is longer than usual, then we may write it as merely a bachelor’s. It would be sufficient. We may clear up the misunderstanding with examples. We may write incorrect grammar sentences as under:

  • Helen is going to finish her thesis for a bachelor degree.
  • Tony has earned two bachelor’s degrees.
  • He is studying for a Bachelor of Science degree.