What are 3d epoxy floors?

It is no longer new that epoxy floors have been installed as a head-end alternative for renovating hospital and laboratory floors, manufacturing plants and warehouses, shopping centres and airports, among other spaces.The ease with which this product is applied, the versatility that results, the way in which it refreshes environments, the unique brilliance that it brings to the floors and its resistance to frequent transits, make the epoxy floor an increasingly implemented variant. What does constitute a fascinating novelty are the new 3D epoxy floors, which allow the floors to be covered with magnificent three-dimensional images, which certainly look super realistic and very original. These 3D epoxy resin floors give a super modern imprint to the floors: although the initial designs had as protagonist the sea and its creatures, giving rise to fantastic scenes of marine animals (including dolphins and other fish), can also be captured for example floors with flowers.

To achieve these remarkable effects, photos are printed on special machines and then covered with epoxy and a protective material. This alternative to using 3D epoxy is the latest in floor coverings – for example, it is widely used for bedrooms and even more so for bathrooms – and although to some it may seem like a crazy style, it is having a resounding general acceptance.

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One of the advantages of using an epoxy floor is that this material does not require pre-existing floors to be lifted. On the other hand, due to its self-levelling character, this resource levels the folders and ceramics that are going to be refurbished. It also allows to complete eventual underlying pores or cracks, without having to carry out costly filling or levelling efforts.

As is well known, this material is composed of two ingredients (A + B, i.e. base + catalyst). When unfolded in thick layers the epoxy floors guarantee very good levels of resistance (for example they tolerate weights superior to 1 ton) and in addition long years of duration.
Epoxy resin is an antibacterial material that does not give work when it comes to cleaning. Its use also ensures an easy and powerful adhesion on all kinds of materials (cement, wood, metals, etc.). As on the other hand this material is fireproof, tolerates exposure to various fuels and also chemicals, which is why it is very well seen by laboratories and factories. But as it also provides a very appropriate aesthetic, in addition to ensuring hygiene, the epoxy floor is having an increasing insertion in shops, offices and family homes. With the 3D epoxy floors, as we said, the latter is boosted, particularly in homes willing to innovate in design.
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With the revolution in 3D design, until today the fantastic 3D epoxy floors are synonymous with cool renovation for bathrooms, bedrooms and even living rooms, particularly in homes and dwellings.
Sale of Self-leveling Epoxy Porcelain
As noted, this coating known as epoxy porcelain paint, has to be deployed in different stages: in principle it will be advisable to level the joints; afterwards, an initial painting can be applied; and then you can proceed to apply the additional hands that are considered necessary. After performing each of these procedures, the epoxy porcelain paint will dry very quickly (no more than 4 hours).

Among the advantages that it is possible to assign to this resource to coat both walls and floors known in the construction environment as epoxy porcelain, its remarkable adhesion, its very high resistance to abrasion and its considerable useful life should be emphasized.
Lately, other benefits of a purely aesthetic nature have been added to these benefits. On the one hand there was a strong expansion of the expoxi porcelain paint palette available. And on the other hand, an outstanding appearance took place, as was the emergence of a porcelain tile variant that has shaken the market and surprised everyone, giving rise to flats with 3D figures that surprise because of their verisimilitude and the fantastic effects that allow create. For example, 3D expoxi porcelain floors have been widely diffused with figures from the marine world, certainly beautiful and believable.
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Because it is easy to maintain and wash, for its duration and for the shine and the final look that propitiates, epoxy porcelain seduces many as an option to coat large and super-busy floors, such as those of laboratories, shopping centers, warehouses , airports, garages, hospitals, bus terminals and the other spaces like that. As it is also resistant and allows to fill pores and cracks, epoxy porcelain self-leveling is sweeping sales.

To find the color that best feels your floors, we invite you to review the current catalog. With every kilo of epoxy porcelain you buy, you can cover approximately 5 to 6 m2 in a very hygienic way, with total security and achieving a really great overall appearance. On the other hand, if your search is oriented to a differential product that generates a happy surprise and draws attention in a powerful way, we can provide you with the amazing 3D epoxy porcelain. Contact us now so that we can provide you with personalized advice, with specific information and more detailed information.
What is a liquid porcelain floor in 3D?
Not only is it a product that can be applied in a new construction site, but, indistinctly, you could renovate an old floor of any material, such as stoneware, stone or marble, covering joints, imperfections and stains. Next, we will develop the subject a bit trying to clarify what is liquid porcelain floor in 3D:
1. What is the liquid porcelain floor in 3D?
It is an epoxy resin, which is composed of two liquids that when mixed react with each other acquiring great hardness.
2. How are the materials applied to make liquid porcelain floor in 3D?
First, we must differentiate:
•If you want colored resin, you will have to dye it before extending it.
•If you want to have printed drawings, before laying it out, place a vinyl attached to the floor with the photograph or drawing you want and use it completely transparent.

The resin is self-leveling, so you only have to extend it by mixing it with the catalyst, which is the liquid that mixes and acts as a hardener. Most often, the first base component is deposited with a cube and the second component or catalyst is deposited along the length and width of the floor. They are then mixed, spread with a rubber lavas, and allowed to crystallize without staining or letting dirt or dust deposit in the curing process, as it would spoil the desired smooth finish.
3. What are the advantages of liquid porcelain floor in 3D?
It allows great possibilities of decoration and infinite combinations to be able to print designs and photographs under the porcelain. Being a good insulator, it resists most chemical products and does not accumulate static electricity. Being much closed pore is antibacterial, very easy to clean and does not absorb stains or dust. Resists intensive transit, since it is used in bars, restaurants, hospitals, airports and now it has even gone to private use in our homes. It provides a smooth finish and high gloss, is suitable for outdoor and is also resistant to moisture.
4. What are the disadvantages of liquid porcelain floor in 3D?
As it is a novel product, it is difficult to find both the material and specialist applicators. It also has a high price, because the cost can be between 60 and 120 Euros per square meter. Despite this, you can compensate since you will avoid removing the previous floor and doing work.