What app allows you to listen to music without WiFi or Internet?

If you are an avid music lover, the chances are that you would always want to listen to music every chance you get, particularly when you’re not very busy like when you are traveling. However, if you stream music continuously, you will find that the costs incurred in purchasing data would accumulate fast. Plus, it is not every time and in every place that you will get the stable internet connection required for streaming. Therefore, you’ll be better off downloading an application that would enable you to save any music of your choice so that you can listen to it offline without using data or Wi-Fi.

To do this, just have to stream all the songs you want, and then you can listen to them anytime you wish.  The following are the best applications to listen to music without Wi-Fi or data:

Spotify: This is one of the most popular and free applications available for listening to music without Wi-Fi or data. It is straightforward to use as all you have to do is download music to your device with the aid of the player. This music application offers a lot of choices. You can make use of both the Spotify premium account and the Spotify free account. With a free account, you can enjoy listening to music offline across all your devices with 15 playlist that features about 750 songs well with a premium account you can enjoy adding up to 3333 songs to your offline playlist.

Google play music: like most applications owned and operated by Google, Google play music is a very popular and effective music application for playing music without Wi-Fi or data. The app is free to use and offers users the ability to upload up to 50000 songs and listen to them either with the services web player or with mobile applications. Aside from this, the app is able to read both your SD card and your phone memory and play music files that are saved there. If you are just looking for an application that you can use to listen to music offline, then Google play music is a perfect choice for you.


Deezer music player: this music player allows you to listen to a variety of songs of your choice. With its vast number of various songs, you can stream on the application you can save any genre of music you want for your offline purposes. Data enables you to personalize your searches. This means that you will get suggestions based on your preferences. Again, the application allows you to create and customize your own playlists.

SoundCloud: this application gives you access to a numerous amount of playlist which you can listen to offline, with the added bonus of suggestions of songs you might like and newly released music. In addition to these awesome benefits, the application has a social platform on which you can record your own music and share it with people.

Napster: this application has a lot of awesome benefits. For starters, it is children friendly, and so if you have children who love to listen to music, they can make use of the app too. Also, the application enables you to listen to music without data or Wi-Fi and can be used on virtually all devices.
Music has so many benefits, such as reducing anxiety, reducing stress, easing pain, and a lot more. To get the best from music, it is imperative that you get an application that would allow you to listen to it anywhere on the go.