USPS about the statuses of the Packages

Tracking the USPS is very easy to know. We will show you how to know the packages on transit move from one place to another using the USPS international tracking systems. When shipping packages from the U.S. and seeking a domestic and international solution that is affordable, using USPS is a viable option for anyone running a business.

Nevertheless, when it comes to the package tracking for the USPS, domestic tracking statuses can come off as cryptic. Besides,  some can think of the frequency and the quality of the USPS tracking, specifically when shipping internationally. Let us use that shipping from Japan to the U.S. as an example to access the tracking information.

In this article, we will vividly discuss how you will know the statuses of the package by tracking the USPS package, the things you need to expect from the services that offer to package, the delivery status you may come across, what they mean and what you need to do if the USPS tracking number gets lost.

Tracking the USPS Package

Having the USPS will enable you to track the orders or the packages easily. One of the efficient ways of checking the shipments is domestic or international tracking on the USPS’ Track and Confirm tool. You will just be required to fill in your tracking number and view the status and the location of the shipment.
This process is very easy, and you can do it on the USPS website or by trying tracking on the mobile phone. We have the following options that you need to follow:

  • Using a phone at 1-800-222-1811
  • Sending the text message to the 28777 using your USPS tracking number as the content message
  • Using the USPS Mobile Apps that is available on the iPhone and Android devices

It is a great advantage for those having the Easyship merchant as they will easily see the automatic tracking updates on the Easyship dashboard. The customers can also track their USPS package by going to the branded Tracking Page or visiting the trackmyshipment. co.

Which USPS services offer tracking

There are no USPS services that do not offer tracking services. Some of them have the services added to their price, while others have the tracking available, meaning that you will be required to pay extra costs when wanting them to be included.

However, you need to know that you are shipping with the USPS internationally. Not all the packages are eligible to track once they are out of the U.S. because every nation has its scanning capabilities and agreements. It is applicable even if you have your tracking number handy.

USPS tracking statuses and their meanings

You can use the USPS tracking number while checking the progress of your shipment at any time. However, you do not need to forget that adding the phone number of the receiver will be very important in assisting the USPS track the packages.

When logging into the USPS Track and Confirm tracking website, the following are some statuses that you may come across;

USPS Pre-Shipment

One of the common things you will see is the ” Pre-shipment info sent to the USPS, USPS Awaiting item: ” it states that USPS has not received the shipment, but he/she is sure that the one shipping will give it to them.

When the post office is in possession of the shipment, the USPS’s tracking status will be updated, and a delivery date will be made available that is updated.

USPS in Transit to Next Facility

Arrival at unit’ basically means that the item has arrived at the local post office and is scheduled to be delivered. When the item reaches here before 9:30 a.m, the delivery will be done on the same day. If the shipment is received past the 9:30 a.m time, it will be delivered during the next business day.

  • ‘arrived at the USPS Facility or the Departed USPS Facility’: it means that the product was sorted in the processing facility shown by the city, state, or the Zip code.
  • Customs clearance means that the package has passed the clearance from the U.S. Customs and will be offered a USPS final delivery.
  • Received by U.S Postal Service from the U.S. Customs: this means that the USPS has acquired the U.S. Customs package.
  • In Transit to Next Facility: it means that the package is moving according to the USPS network, and it is on track to be delivered on the date that is expected.

Out for delivery

This means that the package has left the delivery office in a carrier, and the delivery is intended to be delivered on a similar day. You need to go through your USPS tracking page for the delivery estimated time of delivery.


It means that the package has been delivered, and the scan of delivery recorded the time and date that the package was delivered.


‘Delivery attempted’ – No Access To The Delivery Location: it means that the USPS track alert for the packages was attempted, but the procedure did not finish since the employee could not access the delivery location.

What usually happens when the USPS tracking is not updating?

When you cannot see the updated tracking information found on the USPS package on your website, you need to seek other options. You will try sending an SMS to 2877(2USPS) with the tracking number as the content message; the company should also be able to provide the USPS track update for the parcel.

You also need to contact the USPS customer service by phone or email or through their website. You, however, need not forget that you require the USPS tracking number.

Tracking the package without the USPS tracking number

When you do not have a tracking number by either losing it or forgetting,  you will have difficulties locating the exact place where your package is. You will have to contact the USPS customer service using the phone or email indicating the information given above.
You can be asked to provide the following details:

  • The main class of the shipment
  • The place the shipment had to be delivered
  • Whether it was registered, needed a signature, or insured.
  • The things inside the package
  • Provide the reasons if you believe there was mail theft with shreds of evidence.


In this article, we have vividly discussed how to know the USPS status of the package. There are several ways that you can track the package that this article will be very beneficial.