UHAUL or Home DEPOT – what are the best truck rental services?

Moving from your old house to a new one is fantastic and exciting. The problem is that you might not be able to move all your belongings, especially the large and heavy ones, from the old house to the new one using your car. No worries, though, as there are truck rental services such as Uhaul, Home Depot, and many others, which can help make your move far less stressful by renting you a truck that is large enough to accommodate whatever load you are want to move. Home Depot and U-haul are among the most common truck rental services. You may be confused about which of the services you should hire. It all depends on your needs, and we have made some comparisons to help you decide which of the two truck rental services would suit your purposes more.

First, U-haul trucks are more versatile, meaning they come in various sizes. They have trucks ranging in size from 10-foot to 26-foot. These varying truck sizes allow you to select the truck that would accommodate your needs. Larger trucks would typically be higher priced, and the stuff you need to pack may not be that much. You could save money renting a truck that is just large enough to serve your purposes. Home Depot has truck sizes ranging from 12-foot to 26-foot also and so, as is the case with U-haul, you can rent the size of the truck that can fit your belongings perfectly.


Secondly, U-haul is a large company, and so it has many locations, with 21,000 outlets in the United States and Canada. It is likely then that the chances that one of their locations is close enough to your drop-off point are high. Besides, you can rent a U-haul truck beforehand. Home Depot does not have as many outlets, but they still have more than enough from which you can rent trucks. Also, you cannot rent a Home Depot truck in advance, and so, you will have to make do with the available trucks when you need to rent one.

Again, U-haul allows you to pick up trucks from one location and return them to another one. This is a good option because, at the end of your trip, you can return the truck to the closest store without incurring the extra expenses it would take to drive it back to the location from which you picked it. Home Depot, on the other hand, requires you to return the truck to the exact store from which you picked it up. When it comes to the fees both truck rental services charge, Home Depot charges fees that are a little less than that charged by U-haul.

Both truck rental services offer amazing services, depending on your needs. You will find, however, that you will better off renting from Home Depot if you are moving short distances, especially if you can be done using the truck within 75 minutes. This is because they charge a flat rate for the first 75 minutes. For longer distances such as moving from one city to another, you are better off using U-haul.