Top Signs You Are Pregnant With Your Tubes Tied

There are many normal pregnancy symptoms after tubal ligation, like morning sickness, fatigue, a lot of bodily changes, fatigue and breast tenderness.These symptoms can alert you that you are pregnant, but they do not allow you to differentiate between a normal and tubal pregnancy.

Tubal ligation is a form of permanent female sterility.
The growing embryo is trying to grow somewhere that is not designed to contain it or expel it.
An ectopic pregnancy means you have an embryo trying to grow where it presses on the surrounding organs. If you have severe pain in your stomach that won’t stop, that’s escalated over time, you need to get to an ER.

And you’re older, which means you have the higher risks of prenatal diabetes and genetic defects than when you got pregnant a decade ago.

But if you have pain on one side of your abdomen, it means you have something seriously wrong and need to see the doctor, whether pregnancy or something else.