Top 4 Internet Providers with 100 mbps speed

If you want to choose the best high speed internet provider in your region, first you put your mind to the available download speeds:
There are 4 top Internet Providers with 100 mbps speed:
1. Comcast XFINITY. Comcast is the nation’s largest high-speed Internet service provider, serving nearly 23 million customers. Service is offered nationwide with download speeds of 3 Mbps for $19.99 per month to 150 Mbps for $114.95 per month. XFINITY is one of the elite few high speed Internet providers with speeds in excess of 100 Mbps.

2. Verizon. It offers up to 500 Mbps with its best plan for $284.99 per month by fiber optic. Stream more, download more and share videos, photos and status updates on multiple devices at the same time for Internet plan price $49.99 per month.
3. Cox Communications one of the best high speed internet providers, because it offers a variety of plans with speeds reaching 150 Mbps. Most popular plan is Cox Internet Premier with up to 100 Mbps download, up to 10 Mbps upload and 100 GB of Cloud Drive storage for $64.99 per month.
4. Mediacom. Mediacom is committed to bringing its customers the very latest in technological innovations using easy-to-understand applications. Most popular plan is Ultra with speed 100 mbps and it is ideal for running multiple media streams, reducing lag time, and improving delivery of mega data.

This video goes through a speed test and the installation process for the Cox Gigablast internet service.

This internet service is similar to Google Fiber and all other gigabit internet services.