TOP 10 stock trading forums

Stock trading is buying and selling shares of a company on a particular forum. Stock trading conventionally occurs in the physical stock market where traders buy and sell shares of a company. Stock trading also happens online on stock trading forums.

Investors purchase the shares of a company that they think is worth investing in, and that money is used by the company to grow. The price of a particular share depends upon the demand and supply of that specific share. Traders then trade those shares in the stock market.

We will discuss the top 10 best stock trading forums and what features each offer.

What Are Stock Trading Forums?

Stock Trading Forums are the forum for stock traders from all over the world. Even for a person who is new to stock trading, stock trading forums are the perfect place to get all the information they need to start stock trading.



Stock trading forums remain the best place for stock dealers and brokers to share the latest information about when and where to invest. Knowledge is the key to stock trading, and the person with the best information has an edge while looking to invest.


Stock trading is a serious business, and a plan is necessary if you want to earn large profits. In Stock trading forums, you describe your strategy to different traders and agents. You also learn the policies that several stock traders and brokers use to make big profits.


For beginners, it is essential to be a part of stock trading forums as they can learn from the different experiences of stock traders. The real-life experiences can provide you with the information that can help you earn big time in stock trading, and for that, stock trading forums is the best place.

Top 10 Stock Trading Forums:


Stockaholics is one of the top stock trading forum with lots of features to offer. They cater to both investor and traders who are either looking to invest for long term or a short term trading. Let’s have a look at some of the salient features that stockaholics offer:


  • Stockaholics provides its users with one of the best user-interfaces experience.
  • They offer daily and weekly contests for investors to join and win.
  • They also have a chat room and polls for traders and investors.
  • Offer different topics like stock picking e.t.c.

The Lion

The lion is one of the most active stock trading forums in the market for you to join and reap maximum advantage. It was founded in 1999 and is one of the best stock trading forums around. Some of the best features they have to offer are:

  • It is free to join, which means you don’t have to pay to learn.
  • You can see how other traders are doing with their investments and learn from their work as well.
  • You get the latest stock trading news from all around the world.


Trade2Win started in 2001. It is an online community for financial traders that deals with anything to do with stock trading and other assets. Trade2Win has more than 300K members and more than 1M forum posts. Let’s have a look at what Trade2Win has to offer:

  • A large community that means more information
  • It is mobile friendly, that means you can share information on the go
  • You can get to learn about trading tools and services as well
  • It is beginner-friendly. They will provide you with all the initial steps
  • You can read about real-life experiences of stock traders, that will help you in developing a strategy for yourself

Elite Trader

Elite trader started their services in 1997. They have a large community of more than 90K members, and their forum has over 4.1M posts that give you the idea of how big Elite trader has become over the years. Features of Elite trader include:


  • Other than stocks, you can trade in Cryptocurrencies, Options, Futures, and Forex as well.
  • You can get to communicate with the local traders by accessing their hook-up zone.
  • Allows their members to post their findings of stock trading.

Wall Street Oasis (WSO)

Stock Trading Oasis is one of the forums that you should join if you are looking to join the stock trading industry as a professional. It has more than 365K members and more than 236K discussions. WSO has much to offer like:

  • You can access industry-specific forums.
  • You can access features like financial modeling and resume reviews in a paid membership.
  • They also suggest tools that you can use if you are going to approach stock trading professionally.


StockRants is a conventional stock trading forum. It offers different markets from around the world that provides the members with more opportunities.

  • You can also earn money on StockRants by posting content that will help the readers,
  • Offers you the chat section like all other forums,
  • Provides you with facts regarding the stock trading rumors.

Investors Hub

Investors Hub, as the name suggests, is the hub for the investors to be able to invest in multiple assets like Cryptocurrency. Investors Hub is 20 years old.

  • Provides you with stock trading education for beginners,
  • It is a large community with over 750K members.

The only downside to investors’ hub is its user interface that is not very friendly.

Hashtag Investing

Hashtag investing is the latest stock trading forum in the market. It started in 2019. Being a new community, it has many features that have worked in its favor.

  • It is a mobile-friendly forum with group chat functionality.
  • It is the best forum for the beginners as they target young traders to build their community.
  • They target young investors, due to which they have a large social network presence. is a futures trading forum with more than 120K members, and more than 1000 members join every month. They offer a lifetime subscription for a one-time fee of $100.

  • They have trading webinars that are a great source of learning about stock trading.
  • A one-time fee of $100 can make you an elite member of

Forex Factory

Forex Factory connects the traders to the stock market and each other as well. They aim to provide traders the best support and defend them from all misinformation. Forex Factory is a very pure trading forum for anyone to join. They have over 1 million website visits per month.

Stock Trading Forums are a great source of information and are contributing big time in bringing the traders and investors together like never before. They can be useful to anyone interested in trading. These are the top 10 trading forums for you to join and start earning.