The JCPenny Associate Kiosk login

The JCPenny Associate Kiosk which is also known as the JCP Associate Kiosk at home is official platform for associate information. Those people who work for this retailer have some access to their JCPenny Kiosk for the purpose of consultation with employees. So employees can access the JC Penny Kiosk through working at home and there is no need to go for the workplace. That is why the service of employees has been labeled as “JCP Kiosk at home”. Workers know that they can access it from anywhere. However, some functions are not available at home. So there is a need to find some more information from JCPenny Associate Kiosk Guide.

As we know that JCPenny Associate Kiosk is employee management software of Penny Company. This software can help the employees to check Jtime, paycheck Stub, schedule of employee, leave record, PTO and MTO.

It is very simple HR software that has many benefits for the employees. You can get some information from the below guide.

JCPenney Associate Kiosk Login

These are some steps that are helpful for Kiosk login.
•    You can open the in any browser of your device.
•    When you will open it you will find many options.
•    Select Associate Kiosk @ Home.
•    After the selection of home, you will be able to see the login page.
•    On the login page, you can enter the log in detail like username and password to sign in
•    You can see the Kiosk dashboard.

JTime JCPenney Employee Access

Employees can check their required information after successful login to JCP Kiosk. You can check the direct deposit or paper check from your tab. If you find “Check “then it will be a paper check and if it will say “Advice” then it will be a direct bank deposit. If you are unable to find some paystub details then there will be option for you to call power line payroll at 1-888-8990-8900.

download-6 jcp-kiosk-jcpenney-associate-login

Leave of Absence from Kiosk

Employees can apply from LOA from Kiosk. Further employees can also check the used LOA from JCPenny.

Change Password in Kiosk

If you forget your password then there is no need to worry about it as you can recover your password. You can change your password at any time. For this purpose, you can select the “ I want to change my password or reset my lost password” link. When you will put your all pieces of information, then you will be able to change the password after verification of your identity.

Former Associate Kiosk Login

Ex-employee can also enjoy the portal to access W-2 forms and past paystubs. The former employee can use the login page and enter the details to access thedata.
User ID – 9 Digit Employees ID

The user ID consists of 9 digits. While password consist of 11 digits which are JCP in the upper case, then birth month, birth year and SSN for the last four digits.

Ex. JCP07898234

  • 07 is the birth month
  • 89 is the birth year
  • 8234 is the social security number of employee

When you are able to complete this information, it will ask you for two-factor authentication when you are using the website outside of the store.

Print Paystub for former associates using Kiosk

The former associates can print the paystub using the Kiosk. For this purpose, there is a need to follow these steps

First of all, go to “My Money” on the dashboard.

When you find the dashboard you can select on pay to find your required check and print.

Print W2 copy

You can also print W2 copy with help of following procedure,

The first fall you have to click on view W-2/W-2C form” on the dashboard of the website. Choose the year from this option. One important thing to do is to enable popup windows. Ex-employees can only use this portal 18 months after the termination of service.