The best manga reading app alternatives

The manga series is one of the most popular comics in the world. Beginning in Japan, manga comics became famous all over the world for their unique character, representation, and style. It covers all genres such as science war, action, drama, adulthood, romance, and more. You can find many manga comics on the web but all will be available in Japanese. There are manga comics on the internet these days. There are many apps where you can read free online manga comics. Since the original manga website has been removed, we will discuss alternative options. However, there are many alternative options. Below is a complete list of manga reading app alternatives you can use in 2021

VIZ Manga

To get on track on the right note, we’d like to place the Viz Manga on the right at the top of the list. Boasting across the entire VIZ manga, the app gives you access to the most popular manga and comedians, including the Harriet series such as Dragon Ball Super, Naruto Next Generations, My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul,  and cult classics like Vampire Knight the official RWBY manga anthology and many more. Also, the app regularly adds new series so that you are always interested in reading. A favorite feature of this app is the ability to create an extensive library of interesting requests. With a fully personalized library, you can catch your favorite comics at your own pace. Not only that, but it also offers the option to download so that you can read books offline. Also, the app lets you read a free preview of the payment volume so you can make informed purchases.

Manga Rock

Manga Rock is a mobile application that is compatible with Android smartphones. This allows readers to read more than 20k manga titles in 8 different languages. It includes all the titles that are not found in the general resources of the manga. It collects all of its content from over 20 resources that contribute to its large library. You can download Manga for offline reading anytime anywhere. You can search for the latest manga using its latest tab. Also, you can find comedians by gender, characters, and authors.


If we choose a full-featured manga app for Android, we’ll be happy to go with ComicRack. Perhaps, the best part about this app is the range of reading tools that offer a much better reading experience. For example, you can adjust the colors to suit your comfort so that the wide reading does not damage your eyes. Also, it has very easy management of readable states such as complete, unread, and bookmarks. Thanks to app widgets, keep an eye on stories that can take you hours.
Another feature that gives ComicRack an edge over many other counterparts when used in conjunction with the Windows version of the app is its ability to support CBZ, CBI, CB7, CBT, PDF, DJVU, and WebComics. And with some cool live wallpaper, it lets you customize the app’s presence as well. Twitter integration is also available if you want to keep your fellow Twitter followers in the loop about your studies. When it comes to pricing, ComicRack is a touch expensive at $8. But, considering the amazing features, the manga app is worth it. Note that this is for the iPad but not for the iPhone, which is a bit disappointing.


This is an application designed to meet all the demands of manga fans. More than 15,000 titles are available on this app in English with all manga. You may find its interface quite small but easy to use. There is also a community section where all manga lovers can chat and share their favorite manga and ideas in the latest chapters. This MangaZone Alternative is a free app that includes ads and pop-ups. If you are a patient reader, this app will suit you to read manga comics with regular updates.

Manga Me

Manga Me is software that allows users to create their manga from an image with the help of an AI. It is the best alternatives for manga readers. The power-driven feature app is constantly evolving and allows users to transform their images into Japanese-style Hollywood characters. It even enables users to learn how to draw without having to draw a visual novel on their own.

The app only focuses on the users and does not change the things around them or where they are taking pictures. Users can upload a new photo to it and take photos from their camera roll to create their manga character. Manga works with artificial intelligence, and users can help the app create better images by opening different images. The app takes input and feeds it to the AI, which in turn, reads it and learns how to draw a character from an image.

Crunchyroll Manga

If you want hassle-free access to the most trendy and ever-updating manga in your flags, then Crunchyroll  Manga is coming to you and making sure you have everything More than warm coats are hidden. This is another great manga reader app for Android and iPhone that brings you a truckload of manga books as soon as it is released in Japan, eliminating the option of waiting for you to read the books you want. Besides, it has a clean appearance with a lane of custom options that you can use to handle all your favorites according to your taste requirements. The basics are free to use in this app but if you want to get your hands on one big catalog then you can get a premium version of it in the app.


There you were choosing your favorite manga reader apps and we hope you found what you were looking for. You have read about the features and characteristics of each manga reading application. Using the above application, you will discover a new world of manga comics. Therefore, all the apps listed in this article are efficient and effective.