Suitable Ways on How to Track a vehicle without a GPS installed in it

Many individuals have been wondering if there is a way to track a vehicle without a GPS device. Yes, there are various ways to track your vehicle with no GPS due to the increased car theft in recent days. Losing your vehicle can be financially draining as well as emotionally difficult, and a number of the car location systems can be anticipated by thieves especially the GPS -based systems.Fortunately, there are some systems available that can be used to track down your vehicle without using GPS signals. This will help an individual to secure his or her vehicle against theft and catch criminals in time without them causing further damages to your vehicle. Below are several ways which an individual can use to track a vehicle without a GPS device:
1. Radio Receiver
This is one of the simple and common methods, which was used in the early ’60s and still in use today. In a radio receiver a transmitter is usually hooked to the car, and when a criminal drives away your car, a receiver is therefore used to pick up the transmitter’s signals. The limitation of this method is that it will only tell an individual the direction that the signal is coming from, without a specific location. This method also requires a power source to the transmitter by either a battery or direct wiring.

2. Radio Frequency Identification
This is a more refined example of the radio receiver. Some objects can be tagged with the radio frequency identification chip that will help in the transmission of signals, which the reader can pick up with antenna or radio frequency identification reader. Radio frequency identification is of help because the tags can be hidden in various areas in the vehicle and can even identify a vehicle after modification. RFID contain their power source as well as can store important information about the car. It should be noted that the range of radio frequency identification tags is shorter compared to a standard transmitter.

3. Cellular signals
An individual can track a device inside the car that is not installed but can transmit. This is one of the effective and simple ways to track a car with no GPS device is by using a cellphone. This is the same method valued and used by police over and over again to track cell phones. It is therefore effective because even a cellphone without GPS location will talk to the nearest base station whereby the cellphone company triangulates the approximate position of the car. A smartphone with GPS location turned off can be of help by detecting any WiFi networks that passes near it. A smartphone with GPS location turned on can be tracked easily and accurately by either Google/Apple or app. The drawback of this method is that it may have difficulties providing valid information on quickly moving vehicles though it will give general vicinity and direction.
4. Use of roadside equipment
This is one of the passive ways to track down your vehicle without a GPS device. This is mostly achieved by companies which have already installed networks of roadside cameras. The main objective of this roadside cameras is to identify license plates by use of image analysis and measure traffic flow which is achieved by seeing the same car passing multiple roadside cameras.

5. Through image analysis from an onboard camera
For instance, it is evaluating the comparisons of Google street view and the dash-cameras images. This is one of the smart cities technology expected in the near future.
6. Installing a non-GPS device in the vehicle.

The non-GPS device should be able to transmit. For instance, toll transponders will respond whenever they pass a detector with a coded radio signal. For a low technology solution, you require a short wave radio transmitter and a series of base stations which are capable of detecting it. The location of the vehicle as well as it’s distance can be approximately estimated by the strength at the receiver and the direction of the signal.
In conclusion, an individual should consider using the above-listed ways to track his or her car with no GPS device effectively. These ways are suitable for your needs and will help you secure your vehicle with no further damages.