Song “Hotel California” review

An examination of what’s has developed a well-known song, The Eagle’s “Hotel California.” That one the label tune from the assortment of the very term that continued to retail more than “16 million” and was number one all through the planet. The song began its lifespan as a “12” string sample on guitarist “Don Felder’s” home-based studios 4 tracks in addition to was named through a working label of “Mexican Reggae.”

First Full Version

The primary full form was cut at the Record Plant in Los Angeles, however, it ended up being in some unacceptable key.

Second Version

The subsequent adaptation, likewise cut at the Record Plant, just had a sprinkling of verses yet was considered excessively quickly.

Last Version

The third and last form with both the music and the verses presently more refined was cut at Criteria in Miami and was comprised of the best pieces out of 5 takes.

The Hotel California Song Formatting

“Hotel California” has both an intriguing harmony example and tune structure. The principle rhyme harmony example of (Em, E, G, F#, A, BM, D, F#) is not utilized greatly in mainstream music, even though it is a variety of a renowned “Flamenco”: guitar harmony movement.

Song Structure

The introduction, performances, and lead lines are played over a similar section harmony design. Pay heed that there’s no extension, and rather than one more tune toward the finish of the last two stanzas, the tune goes into the performance and outro lead lines. Similar to the case with numerous melodies from the stone period of the ’70s, the tune closes with a long blur.

Song Lyrics

The lyrics by “Don Henley” and “Glenn Fry” were enlivened by “Steely Dan”, whose ambiguous verses they called “garbage design. The verses comprise a progression of realistic one-shots that can be deciphered now in an assortment of ways. All things considered, they are very much created, quality of the band’s melodies is renowned.

The Settings

“Hotel California” proceeds an impeccably created strategy that highlights equally numerous layers and approximately significant tune elements. The melody was initially cut with all musicians in performance collected, at that point layered commencing that theme.

Initial Stage

The start of the principal introduction has one 12 string acoustic guitar on the left side with a subsequent 12 string acoustic on the correct playing a somewhat unique line, alongside the bass playing entire notes that layout the harmony changes. Consider the high-cap roll that shows up on the correct channel toward the finish of the 4rth bar (partially through the main introduction).

The subsequent introduction starts with the expansion of a long acoustic guitar play which happens every harmony, alongside another guitar counter line on the extreme left side. By and by partially through you hear light cymbal and high cap sprinkles stressing the downbeat of the harmony.


The rhyme keeps a similar harmony design, yet now the drums enter, the bass plays a reggae line, and another electric guitar on the correct side plays reggae-style quieted harmony “throws.” In the following stanza, an amicability guitar line is presented with every one of the electric guitars panned to an alternate side of the sound field.

In the third rhyme, the agreement lead guitars proceed and are joined by another 12 strings playing an entire note play on each harmony. On the 4rth section one more guitar concordance line is presented, this time in a higher register than the first, which keeps on playing. The last two lead vocal lines are additionally joined by a higher agreement vocal. Perceive how everything constructs and gets greater and greater as the melody comes.

The fifth refrain separates to a similar arrangement by way of the introduction through the expansion of the principal singing over the harmonies. Arranged the 6th and the last rhyme, the whole group is coming again singing the very portions that they already played in the fourth stanza.

This is what plan components resemble:

  • The Footing: Drums and Bass
  • The Verse: 12 String Guitar Line
  • The Plug: entire notice auditory guitars play on the subsequent introduction & third and fourth rhyme, second, third, and fourth section agreement lead guitar streaks
  • The Principal: chief vocal, main guitar, prime guitar streaks toward the finish
  • The Seals: principal guitar, and contradiction guitar streaks

Sounds of the Song

In “1976” when “Hotel California” was censored, the studio we not until now that advanced and there was not a huge load of separable effects as there would exist starting during the ’80s. That tune essentially exhibits that with that is proficient a singular long reverb can sound incredible.

All going on this record is very wonderful sounding, as well as the guitar’s sound (equally auditory and electronic), is unbelievable. A ton of that has to organize with remarkable performers and fantastic stuff, in any case, you need to acknowledge how to get it as well, and specialist/creator “Bill Szymczyk1’ makes a good appearance.

Furthermore, noticed how squat upon the tracks the vocal& the main guitar are diverse. This stayed typical during the “70s”, generally, since that was the finest technique to deal with hold the crew soundings mind-boggling in the combination. The other object to check out is the path height in the mix the catch and “high-cap” are, up till now the kick deep-toned remains solid, notwithstanding the way that they do not have the base end that you had to expect if the mix were completed today. You can overhear the blower effort on “Don Henley’s”singing during by far most of the tune, as at about [1:45] on the end track earlier the tune.


Basically how the tune was sliced on different occasions uncovers to you that putting everything in order was fundamental in the band and producer’s minds, very much like how the last tracks were a combination of various takings. The exhibitions and central portions were functioned out over a 2-day term, which is a hugely critical period for that retro in music when most records occurred considerably extra quickly.