Sharing Photos from your Photo Library tutorial (Android and iOS)

If you want to upload any image from your gallery and send an image in a Chat from your device’s photo library, you can follow next steps:
For Android devices and iOS ():
1. Tap on the right of the text box in your chat.
2. Where is camera view you must to tap at the bottom right of the camera screen.

3. You open your device’s photo library.
4. Choose photo and send it to the friend.
For iOS devices (from 8.0 version and newer):
1. Select an image from your photo library.

2. Tap him and tap the “More” button.
3. Activate “On” for Snapchat in activities.
4. Choose Snapchat icon and tap it.
5. You can also add a caption or doodle to the photo to make more fun.
6. Select which friends you want to send and send it.
That’s all. We hope that the proposed guide was helpful to you and you have coped with the task.