RTC connecting on Discord and fixing problems

RTC, also known as real-time connectivity, is the form of communication in which you can share information concurrently between two or more people in real-time without any delay.

The most common example of real-time connectivity is going “live” on different social media platforms, in which distribution of information happens at that very moment without any obstruction. Any sharing of information in which there is a delay in response will not be a part of real-time communication. E.g:Emails e.t.c

What is Discord?

Discord is a web-based application that you can also download on your PC. It provides people with the opportunity to chat with each other in a way they like. Discord grants several features like video calling, voice chatting, and text messaging. Discord is useful for PC gamers as they can communicate with each other while playing games but it is not only restricted to that as it is now widely used as a social platform that people use for work purposes as well.

We are going to discuss RTC Connecting Error on discord and present you with its solutions as well.


As you can guess by the name that it is a connectivity error in which you are not able to establish a connection on discord, and you are not able to take part in the real-time voice chat on the application. People who frequently use discord come across this error quite often, and is very irritating for them. So we decided to help all those users who want to find a permanent solution to this problem.

We are going to present you with the solutions that you can use to get rid of this error, but first, let’s have a look at what things can probably cause this error that will help you understand and implement the solutions in the best manner.


  • Dynamic IP is discouraged by the discord, and that might be a reason for the error.
  • Antivirus can put a discord file in its quarantine folder that will not allow the connection to take place.
  • Discord does not support the VPN without User developer protocol (UDP) support that might be a cause for the error.
  • The server of your region can also be a reason for the error if it is not able to develop a connection.
  • Your INTERNET CONNECTION can also cause this error, as you will not be able to connect without having a stable internet connection.




The reason for the RTC connecting error can be your internet, so before doing anything else, check your internet connection. Ask your internet provider to resolve the issue if there is any. Once you are satisfied that you don’t have an internet issue, then try the other methods.


Discord does not favor the dynamic IP as they change from time to time. To find out that if an error is due to the dynamic IP, restart your PC and the router. After restarting both the PC and router, reload the browser. If the error disappears, you should know that you are encountering the error due to dynamic IP.

To resolve your dynamic IP issue, you can use two methods:

  1. Ask your ISP to provide you with the static IP address.
  2. Use Dynamic DNS service that will automatically update your new IP address and other information in real-time.

The error might be due to the server of the region. When the server is not able to connect to discord from a specific area, this sort of error can happen.

The best solution is to try changing the region following these steps:

  1. Go to server settings on discord,
  2. Change the server region to any region,
  3. Save changes,
  4. Try reconnecting.

Vpn changes your IP address, and it can cause the RTC connecting error. Also, discord does not support the VPN without the User Data Protocol (UDP) support. UDP basically establishes a connection in which the sharing of data occurs without any delay. Uninstall your VPN restart your system, and see if the error vanishes. If yes, then all good, and if not, then move on to the next solution.


All the overprotective antivirus software have a folder in which they store all the files that can cause harm to your system. The folder is generally known as quarantine and can vary depending upon the antivirus you are using.

When an antivirus detects a file that is not good for the system, they automatically make changes to them and store it in the quarantine folder, until and unless you decide to remove that file from the quarantine folder. Just look for the quarantine folder of your antivirus and fine any discord file present in that folder. All you have to do is remove that file from the quarantine folder and try reconnecting.


Try changing the audio subsystem to legacy in the discord application by following these steps:
Go to user settings
Then go to voice & video
Change the audio subsystem to legacy
Restart the discord
Try connecting to any voice channel


This method is known to work for many people and can work for you as well. All you have to do is follow the following steps to reset the IP settings:

  1. Open the command prompt on your PC,
  2. Type “ipconfig /all” and press enter,
  3. Type “ipconfig / release” and press enter,
  4. Type “ipconfig /renew” and press Enter,
  5. Restart the computer.

If any of the above steps does not occur, check your internet connection and try again.


RTC connecting error is a typical error for frequent users to face. These methods for its solutions are the ones that have proven to be beneficial for many users. We hope you can remove the error by using any of the means that we have induced to you.