Pros and Cons of Wife Sharing?

In the current digital age, it would not be strange to share a wife with acquaintances with the Internet, social change and global events. But for those who are not aware of this national trend, I will share the wife. The advantages, disadvantages, advantages and disadvantages of sharing a wife.

Meaning of Wife sharing

It is a practice where the spouse of a legitimate relationship they have no hesitation in sharing with each other. They allow each other to have sex with others outside of their union. These works have their open relationship which has the support of both parties so that they are both sharing. They may be known to each other by the partner’s spouse. In doing so, the man sometimes chooses his own wife’s sexual partner. Also, no one has an objection to whether it can be a one-time format or an everlasting sexual period.

Practice of Wife sharing

As I have told you, wife sharing is not a 21st century trend. This is an old practice in different disguises for many. As a result of technology and modern religion in wife sharing comes a lot of their popularity. All of these people practice together. The method of sharing a wife or husband comes in various names such as swap partners, or swap wives. I have focused on wife sharing in this post. I am going to tell you that there are advantages or disadvantages of sharing a wife. The practice of wife sharing is not just a matter of Western culture or it is nothing new it has been going on for a long time. It is a well-known fact that certain tribes in Eskimos practice wife sharing. Among them, keeping friends with your friend’s wife while they are away for hunting is a form of friendship for Eskimos and shows hospitality, including sharing. If the wife is pregnant as a result of this kind of relationship there is nothing to be ashamed of. They don’t throw away or ruin their kids. They have a communal effort to raise children and never consider who is responsible for the birth of a child.

Although it is not common in all countries, it is also practiced in some parts of Africa and Asia. Examples are the Ovahimba and Ovajimba tribes of Namibia and more. They are from Kune and Omusyati regions of the country. It is later in the culture and in their culture the exchange or sharing of the wife is called “Okujepisa Omukajendu”. This means giving a guest a wife and taking his wife. According to that tradition, the best way to show hospitality to your esteemed male guest is to give your wife a gift on the night of her visit. In that case the husband will vacate the house to sleep somewhere else or outside and give it to the wife.

An interesting point here is that there is a bizarre thing about this practice that is its general acceptance in this community. These ideas have a conventional ruler, there is overwhelming support even among the elite and women have no objection to them. Surprisingly a lawmaker is sponsoring a bill to legalize it in the country’s legislative chambers. In a country where everything is free, the bond between them is more because of the rules.

Advantages of Wife sharing

Are you getting bored of using one thing over and over again? The solution to monotony. Some couples resort to wife sharing to protect themselves from sexual boredom. The more you watch, the more dissatisfaction sets in. And you may find it bad to sleep with the same person day in and day out. So the occasional break in the normal person makes the issue of sex new. You can break the monotony of sex by sharing it with your wife.

Reduces the feeling that the other person is not pulling the weight. Since we both spend the same amount of time on business and other things seem to happen very rarely while doing things around the house (I would never say).

Openness. Trust between two people and two families is the key to a successful marriage. Their wife’s sharing builds trust between husband and wife. Wife sharing is the reason that nothing is done in secret they do it directly, but all sex is a joint decision that is open to the two in the relationship.

Disadvantages of Wife sharing

There is a thing called sexually transmitted disease, contagious disease, we have to keep it in mind. About 20% of Namibians are HIV positive. This results in unprotected sex and ignorance in your personal life. Wife sharing increases the chances of many sexually transmitted diseases.

Patriarchal complications are a huge problem. As a result of sexual activity, women become pregnant. If this happens then the child’s fatherhood becomes questionable as to who will be the right father and who will nurture the child. In places where it is not financially costly to obtain the child’s DNA, the basic idea of ​​sharing the wife by claiming the child’s paternity may be under threat. Among these difficulties of wife sharing, it is a big problem.

The issue of wife sharing diminishes the sanctity of marriage. One of the effects of wife sharing is that it defiles the marriage institution and has no address. Sex is a part of the benefits of marriage and you are going to end it through sharing. If a wife can enjoy sex outside of her marriage without hesitation, it has defeated one of the purposes of marriage. He has done it very badly which is beyond his legitimacy just in the hope of gaining sexual pleasure peace. If a single woman is allowed to sample another sex partner other than her boyfriend, there is discipline, love and affection for which she is allowed to do so. This will indicate that you do not need to get married. You only have one or two children and a sexual partner to quench your sexual thirst. Because you could not hold the dignity of marriage.


You are now better informed or know that you know about wife sharing. It means, practice, advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, your opinion remains private that you may or may not share your wife because your public opinion is subject to your community and land laws. So everyone looks at it with preference and Positive Mind. So, you exercise your discretionary decision and right of opinion within the limits of the law.