Premium Snapchat: How to get it?

The premium Snapchat account basically means the account has adult content. The user will carry out some cash to an actress/actor or the company to see the posts made using the premium account. The actress will frequently be posting on a daily basis, and for you o see the posts, you must pay the owner of the account some cash.

It is just a Snapchat account that you have set private to enable only your friends and the people you want to view your posts. You will just set it like you will enjoy your regular Snapchat account and modify it in the settings to make it private.

Looking to get your premium Snapchat account? You are in the right place as we are going to show you all you need for it.

What is a premium Snapchat account?

This account basically means that you will have to charge money for it. It is not a unique thing but just the regular Snapchat, which has a premium. The definition of premium is something that involves paying, for example, when purchasing a car, it has a premium. It comes with a monthly amount that you need to pay.

People must pay for them to be added to your premium Snapchat account, and it is not something that has a different application but a regular one. You will be just relaxing while people pay you to view your posts. The content posted, on the other hand, should be for adults of 18+ age. You are eligible to do whatever thing you like as anything you post is up to you.

You can do whatever thing you love without any restrictions. In order to make your regular snap chat account premium, there is a subscribe button that you will just press to change your account. The majority of the people who use the premium accounts are the celebs, models, and any other popular figure as they earn from any view and the screenshot they get.

How to make the premium Snapchat account?

This is simply a regular Snapchat account that can be set to private to enable your friends or specific people to view your content. You will just create a regular snap chat account and go to the settings to change it to private. Many famous figures and models use this Snapchat to protect their premium content and earn some cash in it as people will pay to get to these contents.

You can just adjust the settings to permit some people to view the contents. For you to make premium Snapchat content, follow the following procedure.

Download the application of Snapchat from your app store. Fill in all the required details and set the account to my friends only. In the settings, set view my story to my friends only, and also who can contact me should be set to friends only. Ensure that all the things are set to my friend only. By setting things this way, the people you will permit to see your posts can send messages to you and charge them a premium. You will decide the amount of money you will charge.

The good thing about the premium account is that you will charge people for it. It is not something that is crazy but a Snapchat that has a premium.

Publicizing the premium Snapchat account

For you to publicize your premium Snapchat account, you can make two snap chat accounts. Set one to the public and the other account to the private premium.

Using the public Snapchat, you can market the private account by informing people that you have a premium account that can only be accessed for a certain amount of cash.

In some cases, we have viewed some adult celebs accounts getting banned so that the users can stop subscribing to their account and the contents. Using the premium account, you will minimize the chances of seizing the account.

How to let other people access the premium Snapchat?

As much as there is premium Snapchat, we do not have premium facebook or Twitter.  The premium Snapchat actually is something created by the users to earn and make a lot of cash. The way people will be able to access your account is through paying the accounts that askes for the payments. Snapchat is, however, not something official but the one made by the users.

Premium snap chats users

These people lack a particular Snapchat account, which enables them to carry out their actions in ways that are not formal. It basically means that they film on other social media platforms as having the premium account, and the people will instantaneously find out all the things that it entails.

Mode of the payment

There are several ways that the payment to the account is taken, including even PayPal. You cannot reimburse Snapchat for this. For the premium account, you will be sending the money to the account owner directly. This basically means that you will not know the lengths you will have access to the account, the type of material you will see, etc


A Snapchat premium account is basically a regular Snapchat that has been modified by the user to the premium segment. People have to pay for them to access the contents of the premium account. As the owner of the premium account, you will add those that you want to view your content to a list. For you to make a premium account, you need to first down the application from the App Store or the Play store and create a username.

You will then need to set everything o my friends only. Go to the setting and change everything to my friends only. You can also select those that can contact you on the friend’s lists. Ensure that all the things are set for my friends only. In this manner, those that you have accepted can view your posts and contact you.

You will then charge them for the premium account for any post that you will be posting. You do not need to worry that it is something unique but a Snapchat that is having a premium.