Popular tips for a successful runaway

Most of the times, people have thought of running away successfully without anyone noticing them.  I am not an easy task as it can involve sleeping on the streets, difficulties in accessing the necessities, and the most important thing you need to note is that life will be very hard. If it is the only option you have, then the following tips might be very beneficial to you as they will help you escape.

If you have thought vividly about this exercise, let us start on the things you need to note.

Save some cash

You need to have some cash before you stage a spectacular run away. However, you do not need enough money and having $ 400 will be very beneficial to your survival. You need to be careful not to run away without any cash as you may starve to deaths. The money will be of great help, especially when entering into a very tight spot.


You need to do a lot of practice to live like a run away so that you will not encounter any difficulties on the streets or in the places you are moving to. If you want to run intelligently, then you need to do a lot of practices. The following are the key things that you need to practise:

  • Look for the ways of scavenging food.
  • Practise sleeping in the places that are not comfortable

Look for the place to land

There are some instances where the runaways do not go. Going without having the place for landing may be a difficult task. You need to look for a safe destination and have it in mind. This is the place you will be staying until you look for your place.

Pack well

Ensure that you do not just leave with an empty bag. Have at least a good waterproof backpack. It will also be great to have a sleeping bag, flashlight, water bottle, storable food, compass, layered clothing, knife for defending yourself, and other essential things.  However, you do not need to pack everything.

Check the weather before leaving

You carefully need to check the weather first before moving. The dead winters and nights can sometimes reach under zero. To ensure that the weather will not hinder your journey, run easy in a day that has an excellent. You will be spending most of your time outside, hence ensuring that the mother nature is on your side.

Get on the bus or any means available for transportation

Run to the nearest bus or train station after checking that there is no single person checking on you. Know the schedule of the vehicles so that you do not miss it. Hope on it and ensure it does not take a very long time o start the journey. Ensure that there is no one in the vehicle that you are familiar with you.
You can try to hide your identity without revealing too much of your face. Do not share your runaway stories with any of the passengers.

Be careful with your electronics

It will be great if you do not come with your phones, iPod, iPad and any other portable devices you can be easily tracked down and exposed when using this gadget. Carry enough cash that will enable you to buy a simple cell phone after moving out. It will be not great but will help you immensely in your journey.

Change our appearance

It may seem an expensive and challenging task, but you can still try it out.  The changing of your appearance will help you raise a few eyebrows. You can dye our hair, cut t and ensure that you do not wash it thoroughly when you are in a public washroom. Police may be looking for you, and leaving traces of hair can enable them to do a DNA and quickly find you.

Cut off communication with the friends

You need to cut off any communication with friends unless you are sure that they will reveal your whereabouts to the authorities. You can fall into temptations of wanting o call your previous friends, but you do not need to dare try it. Even if you trust them, you need o to be very cautious as they can tell someone that can also tell someone who may reveal you to the authorities.

Look for a place to stay

When running away, you will not have the comfort you have when in your home. You will need to sleep during the nights, and the safest places that you can sleep are in the bushes, at the park,  in the woods, empty fields and many more areas. Ensure that the place you are sleeping is out of the city. If you have to sleep in the city, go o he place that is open such as the bus station.

Eat cheap

Food is costly and will probably consume a lot of your cash. Eat food that is very cheap at the groceries or buy loaves of bread, cheese, peanut butter and many more. Do not go to the high-end hotels to eat unless you are sure that you will get some money for the activities.

Look for a job

If you have successfully staged a runaway, you now need to look for a job and settle down in the area.  It will ensure that you have your cash flowing and you will not run out to be broke. The main aim of running away is that you did not want to go back to your home. However, it depends on your age as there are jobs that will not be given to you if you are under age.


Staging a successful runaway is not a very easy task. It involves a lot of preparations and should not just be one activity. If you rush it, you will fail terribly. Use the tips discussed here for your run away; they are very useful and will help you stage a successful runaway.