Planet Fitness’s “lunk alarm”

Planet Fitness is an American based fitness center. It is one of the biggest fitness clubs in the world, with approximately 2000 franchises. Michael Grondahl and Marc Grondahl began planet fitness in 1992. They have franchises all over the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

There are two levels of membership offered by Planet Fitness. One is $10 per month in which you can access cardio and strength training, while the second one is $23 per month in which you have access to all planet fitness locations and extra facilities like massage chairs, tanning booths e.t.c

Judgement Free Zone

Planet fitness has some rules that every member needs to follow. Planet Fitness is also known as the Judgement free zone because of the following things:

  • Everyone is accepted irrespective of caste, creed, color, and religion.No discrimination,
  • They don’t endorse a specific type of physique,
  • You can work out the way you like.

You get to see things at planet fitness that you cannot imagine you’ll find in a gym, for example, stuff like:

  • Pizza Monday,
  • Bagels Tuesday.

Yes, that’s right, you get to have pizza and bagels in a gym, and no one judges you.

Planet Fitness also has strict rules when it comes to working out like:

  • No deadlifting,
  • No t-rows,
  • No overhead presses,
  • No Jerks.

Basically, Planet Fitness has only one rule regarding exercise that is no powerlifting.

The Lunk Alarm

Lunk Alarm is one of the funniest things that Planet fitness has. It is basically a rule that you cannot make noise higher than a certain decibel, and if you do, a hilarious sound starts playing, which is to warn that not to make noise. This alarm is for the people who like to grunt while working out due to the weight.

Also, if you will drop your weight in such a way that it will make noise, then again, you will have to listen to the lunk alarm.

How Lunk Alarm Works?

If you grunt or drop a weight that made a loud sound, a hilarious and even more powerful siren will play. The manager of the gym will be at you in no time, asking you not to make noise. Embarrassing, right? But that’s what planet fitness is all about providing their members with the most casual atmosphere. So they don’t feel dominated by the gym freaks.

Purpose Of Lunk Alarm

As far as the image of planet fitness goes, it is for the casual gym-goers who are there just for fun and might not even use the equipment after coming to the gym. To maintain that image, they discourage such people who want to use planet fitness for weight lifting.

Planet fitness provides an unintimidating atmosphere to its members, so the people who are coming to planet fitness for fun should not feel intimidated by loud noises of grunting and dropping weights.


Planet Fitness is not a conventional gym, and they set out to do something that was not normal. But like it or not, planet fitness is one of the biggest fitness clubs in the world. Their Lunk Alarm is a hilarious idea but, at the same time, fulfills their purpose of creating a non-intimidating environment for their members. The lunk alarm discourages grunting and making loud noises so that the people who like the philosophy of planet fitness do not get disappointed.