New York Times comparing with the Washington Post

Journalism is one of the most important fields in the world, and life is nothing without journalism. The two biggest journals are The Washington Post and the New York Times. These two journals are famous American newspapers of record.

These two journals or newspapers have historical stories. The New York Times was published in 1851, and it has 117 Pulitzers. On the other hand, Washington Post was published in 1877, and it had 47 Pulitzers. The New York Times was published years ago, and the Washington Post was published 26 years after The New York Times.

Both of these journals are read by the majority of the people. Both these journals are quite efficient in covering the majority of the ongoing issues. A person can ignore the physical circulation of a journal and the web traffic towards the journal, but the overlapping of major issues cannot be ignored. So some people prefer reading The New York Times while other people prefer the Washington Post.

The New York Times

The majority of the people prefer reading the New York Times because while being grown up in New York, The New York Times was treated with religious reverence New York. The New York Times was famous because of its two biggest pillars. One pillar is its global coverage, while the second pillar is investigative journalism. These two-pillar combine to make The New York Times stronger and authentic.

  1. Investigative journalism. Investigative journalism in The New York Times is matchless, and it cannot be matched or compared to any paper in the world. Investigative Journalism helps to cover issues while investigating important issues.
  2. Global coverage. The additional feature that is the global coverage of the New York Times is that it has a broad reach all over the world. Global coverage helps The New York Times to cover the issues all over the world.

The Washington Post

Washington Post is quite a significant journal to read. The Washington Post differs from The New York Times in significant ways. This is The Post that stands out from The New York Times in two major areas.

  1. Number of articles published. The first area in which The Washington Post differs from The New York Times is that it publishes double the number of articles as compared to the New York Times. On average, The New York Times publishes almost 230 articles every day, while The Washington Post publishes 500 articles. The number of articles differs and makes a significant difference from The New York Times from The Washington Post.
  2. Better historical coverage. The second point that differentiates The New York Times from The Washington post is that The Washington Post has better historical coverage as compared to The New York Times.

A person requires reading both of these journals and seeing which journal can deliver better content to you and meet your requirements.

Location of these journals

Both of these journals are informative and deliver the current issues to the people. However, the biggest reason and conflict between The New York Times and the Washington Post is the location. The New York Times is located in New York City, whereas the Washington post is located in Washington DC. Both these journals are famous for giving the most liberal political views to the people.

Difference through a Reuter survey

There is a rapidly increasing digital audience gap between the biggest journals in the world. So, according to the Reuters survey, that was basically held to see the opinion of people about which journal provides them with the most authentic content. The results of this survey came to be quite interesting. The results were as follows.

  • The New York Times got 39% votes
  • The Washington Post got 31% votes
  • Local journals got 30%

Both The New York Times and the Washington Post advertise authentic content, but the New York Times uses the best paywall strategy that makes a significant difference.

The Washington Post has better financials that offer a good glance at the current status of legacy media. This legacy media has to suffer challenges in shifting from paper media to digital media. Unlike local newspapers, the components of important pieces of news are clearly mentioned in the journal, and they ate not buried under pages of other activities. This feature makes the Washington Post better and beneficial as compared to the New York Times.

The iconic newspaper, The Washington Post, is seen to become more successful in the digital era. The transformation of the Washington post was started in 2008. From 2008, The Washington Post has gone through all the necessary requirements, such as editors, required boxes, and digital production, and integration of print. The editors are asked to go to the newsroom and write as much as they can to create better digital versions of the news, create more blogs, and cover a wide range of topics and launch them. Moreover, the Washington Post has developed a mobile application to help people have good journalism experience.

Paywall effect of the New York Time

As the Washington Post has developed a paywall response, so the New York Times has developed a strategy that can be considered as the paywall effect of The New York Times.

The Times New York is seen to be involved in aggregation between digital and printing circulations. Users can use the metered system of The Times New York.

There are almost 676000 digital subscribers of The New York Times that have been using the recruiting and metering system of The New York Times.

The bottom line

The above-mentioned points are some of the most significant points that can be used to create a strong competition between The New York Times and The Washington Post. There is no parameter to judge which journal is better. A person needs to give time to read both of the journals, The New York Times and The Washington Post, and then decide which journal is authentic and meets their requirement or not.