professional review

The net address is an open-source, free service that provides webmail. Consider this as a messaging service provider. Their famous service provides internet mailing assistance that offers the best groups of valuable tools and provides the storage capacity of 1 Gigabyte. But It can provide a storage capacity of 2 GigaByte, 4 GigaByte and even 8GB if you buy their subscription and upgrade account to premium.

NetAddress com is also famous for providing high-security principles, so they declare to protect all users’ data jointly with viruses and spam safety measures. That is why they give users sound standard email management systems such as auto-response, email listing, related filters. They also provide the ability to gain access to their accounts anywhere in the world using their laptops, mobile phone and tablets.


Their essential services or features are providing signatures, folders, and filters. But there are additional features which are worth considering. Usually, most of the users enjoy the quality that offers short address novels, and it can be accessed from the menu and list all of your contacts from the address book within a block to make it more straightforward and user-friendly.

You can export your contacts to your desired email application and formats like Eudora and outlook. This static list also helps to design your message view.


Other competitors are not usually are not much fast, which has been an issue for the users. But when NetAddress came to the business, its priority was to provide speed and consistent rate. Netaddress’s servers have more capacity than its competitors so that the server won’t be busy and users can enjoy disturbance-free services. If the servers are turned down due to maintenance, then NetAddress informs all their users.


This email service provider allows you to provide its services in the form of subscriptions periodically, which are subscriptions per month and annum. It is very economical; for instance, the monthly subscription payment is $5.95, for a year, the price is $39.99, and for two years, this requires paying $69.99.
The services offer the users technological tools for personal and professional usability.

Subscription Terms

The services offer timely subscriptions based on each month, year and every two years. Consider this renews after the end of the term without intruding into the system. However, the services may also be withdrawn completion of the time or anytime during the service’s activation. The process is not tedious; through customer services, the request is initiated without hassle.

Moreover, the opportunity is there for convenience if the customer demands the subscription plan’s alternation from one term into another. The credit facility saves money by transferring the remaining credit from previous term services to the next availed facility.


Considered and widely accepted services for its complete and high-end secured site and the identification through user name or email coupled with the password is transferred on the web with protection.

Furthermore, after a certain period, the page displays the page expiry at the user end. On security ground cookies and cache gives terminal entrance for id logins.
The documents downloading and uploading are free of any virus, malware, boot sector virus, direct action virus, file infector virus, polymorphic virus, multipartite, and resident virus. It dynamically scans every file to be uploaded and downloaded into the system.


The system allows the users to choose the languages such as English, Spanish, and Portuguese for display. The language selection displays the desired language in the interface only. However, the back-end net address doesn’t permit the users to input the data in any language other than English. Since Spanish and Portuguese have similarities and are near-identical languages, this is rightly attributed as a bilingual interface system.

Online Help

The help is accessible online by Net address. The customer services representatives’ existence to answer the user’s specific query is unfortunately not met. The system does not allow SMTP, which is a short message peer-to-peer relay. The previously answered questions are displayed and conveniently can be downloaded for reference.

Customer Services People

Usually, the customer services help is not frequently inquired. The country-wise representatives are not located in person at the front end desk. However, when the need arises to contact the query and any further facilitation, the direct dial to the United States of America pops out on landline numbers. However, time zone differences and heavy-to-pocket call rates at the international level hinder the on-hand capacity.

Composing Feature

The users can proactively choose to draft two emails at once on the credit of the composing feature. On any browser, it may be a draft email. However, the composing element comes with a shortcoming that is still there and not overcome by Net address. The message sent by utilizing this composting facility is sent a plain transcript devoid of any formatting. Thus, the purpose of sending the effective email is not served.

Anti Spam

Anti-spam with advanced technology is claimed by the service provider service to protect the inbox from incoming spam messages. The general review of the user is quite contrary to the self-claimed feature based on their individual experiences. The system is not functioning appropriately; spam messages are frequently received in the junk box.


The user interface is interestingly user-friendly. The interface is clear, concise, consistent, thorough, responsive, efficient, easy to learn and use. The menu and buttons are placed at a place which the eye is catching to explore at ease.


There are many ways in which Net address is better than other services providers. The foremost drawback of any technology-related services providers is to modernize the system and bring the novel and user-friendly tools after some research and development is recommended in the contemporary world. The net address is far behind here in introducing and updating the established system.