Message blocking active status

This means that this person has blocked all text messaging through their carrier and cannot send or receive any text messages. If you are trying to send a text message to a minor, his or her parents may have enabled parental controls to prevent text messaging. This can be a general rule or punishment. Too many users have seen the “Message blocking active” error once or twice, and it can be tiring, especially when we need to send an instant message.

And the fact that everyday text messaging is a very important part of our communication, any problem in getting information in a short time can be heartbreaking. Let’s take a nearer seem at this matter and see the options we can discover.

If one of you blocks the other person, a “Message blocking is enabled” error may occur. One of the things to note when you receive this error message is that the recipient has you in their blocklist or you keep them in your block list.

If you have the service turned off, an error message may appear. So you may want to give it a few minutes or hours before retrying because there is a possibility that your network provider is taking care of it, and it has suspended the messaging service.

Your recipient may also have restrictions on messages from a specific group of users. Some messaging applications may have difficulty working with your carrier without interruption. If any of these were used, you need to check to see if you can allow these requests manually. If there is no option to allow these applications, then you cannot resolve this issue on your own.

You also want to be sure about the project you have subscribed to. If you are only trying to send text messages via data plan, then chances are this message will not arrive and you will receive this error message.

You should also verify that the service you are sending the message to supports a premium text messaging service. We previously talked about not being able to send messages because your carrier does not support any premium text messaging service, in this case, you should make sure that the problem is at the end of the recipient. do not have.

How to fix the “message blocking is active” issue

Check coverage –If an area is not listed as coverage, you will not be able to send or receive texts or make and receive calls.

Is your phone active? – On the device settings page in your account, check and verify that your phone is active, if it is listed as suspended or still porting, you will not be capable to send or receive text messages ۔

Are text messaged parts of your plan? – We have already mentioned this. On your Account Device Settings page, see if you can send/receive text messages with the settings enabled. If not yet enabled, enable this option. If you do not seem to enable the option, then chances are, you don’t need text messaging as part of your plan or your number is disabled.

What’s the country code? – If the error was on the international text, a simple Google search of the country code will help you see if you are using it correctly.
Restart the process – If the error is only on one phone, this number may be a problem. Maybe this is wrong. Delete the number and save again and try again.

Unblock – An option that works, especially if you have been blocked, will ask that person to block you. If you are not sure if you have been blocked, call this number. If it does not connect, then it is possible that you have been blocked or you have blocked this person. If the calls pass, then you may have to try other fixes in this article.

Text Content – Some users have managed to resolve this by simply sending a plain text to messages. There is a possibility that this error was caused by all the other non-text included in the message. Remove all attachments, images, images, or graphics in the message and try again.

More about Message Blocking

Blocking messaging is only to block messages, not to prevent trespassing. By blocking messages, you can:

Block incoming and outgoing charges messages. Blocks all incoming and outgoing SMS or MMS messages. Receivable instant messages were sent to the blocks via SMS. If you select this service, you cannot send or receive instant messages, even if you have a messaging bundle. This service cannot block all instant messages. Tax rates include consumer taxes and fee charges on plans.

Messages not blocked with Message Blocking

Email messages from third-party providers notifying you of purchased content. Standard classified messages with shortcodes. Voice mail notifications. Wireless emergency alerts. Service notifications.

If you can achieve this number by calling, but not with a text message, it may point out that the receiver has some kind of block. If you observe a “Message Blocking Active” error while trying, they may not be able to message or have a block in their place. As Newton put it, “For every action, there is the same and reverse reaction.” There is always a solution to a problem. I conclude that the message that prevents the active problem is the steadfastness suggested by the above expert. So you can solve this problem with the help of the solution as mentioned above.