McDonald’s serving times guide

Founded in the United States in 1940, McDonald is the world’s prevalent hamburger fast-food provider, with over 36,000 outlets in 119 countries and 68 million clients daily. The company mainly sells various breakfast dishes, soft drinks, burgers, chicken, fries, milkshakes, and desserts, depending on consumers’ changing tastes. The company expanded its menu with salads, smoothies, fish, wraps, flavored fruit, and fries.

McDonald’s official meal times in their area are:

  • Breakfast menu from 6:00 – 10:29
  • Lunch menu from 10:30 to 16:59
  • Dinner menu from 17:00 – 21:15


McDonald introduced breakfast items in 1972, and their main breakfast options are sandwiches. Their restaurants start serving breakfast at 5 am, but this may vary by location. You can find the locations and opening and closing times of all their US restaurants.

  • At 10:29 am, all breakfast sandwiches, hearty breakfasts, and hot sandwiches disappear from the menu.
  • At 10:30 am, McDonald’s starts serving French fries, hamburgers, Chicken McNuggets, and Happy Meals.

Changes in time:

McDonald’s is a franchise company, and it is up to each franchisee to decide when to serve breakfast. The vast majority of British restaurants stop doing breakfast at 11:00.

Why are they unable to serve breakfast all day?

The reason they don’t serve breakfast all day is that the General Storage Cabinet (UHC) is almost full during the day. It means that there is less available space to store breakfast and main menu items. It is the contact person who decides whether to offer the daytime breakfast option.


McDonald’s breakfast menu includes all our favorite dishes!

From their Egg McMuffin Breakfast Sandwich to their famous Hash Browns, you’ll find everything you love!

Eat lunch:

At each destination, McDonald’s lunch begins at 10:30 am on Monday throughout Friday and available at 11:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. It also means you can order Happy Meals now.

What is the top McDonald’s lunch menu?

McDonald’s is continually enhancing its menu options, and it is estimated that it currently has over 140 menu items. Their extensive menu can be found on their website.

Lunch all-day

In Australia, some standard menu items are available all day:

  • Big Mac
  • One-quarter of a pound
  • Cheeseburger
  • Chicken McNuggets
  • F.fry

Additional arguments

Complimentary breakfast items include pancakes; a dish called “big breakfast” is scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausages or bacon, biscuits, or English muffins. As of February 2016, breakfast items have been added to the breakfast menu available in some American restaurants. Biscuits and sauces are available in some parts of the southern United States. Oatmeal was included in the breakfast menu of this famous fast food company on December 27, 2010.

After the sale in Washington and some parts of Maryland, Oatmeal began selling in test markets in late January 2010. There are several regional US varieties: in Hawaii and Guam, McDonald’s offers local breakfast dishes such as spam, Portuguese sausage, and freshly chopped pineapple. The doughnuts were added in February 2019.

Hash Brown is available worldwide, and the “extras” are available with cupcakes, coffee, and hashish.


At what time do they stop serving Dinner?

The timing depends on the location and discretion of the franchise owner. Although whole open hours of a day, many venues close the dining room at 23:00 and are only available from 23:00 to 17:00.

Some places only serve dishes from the lunch menu between 11:00 and 14:00, others – until 17:00. Some franchises have also opted to sell meals around the clock at noon. There is no hard and fast rule as the decision is mainly made on each location’s cost-benefit basis.

If the store only sells 3-5 burgers for 3-10 hours, it doesn’t make sense to keep the grill warm or pay the cook for those hours. Suppose burgers are currently in great demand on the premises, e.g., 12-15 hours. The owner may consider keeping this menu open.

McSpaghetti was launched in the late 1970s as part of its dinner menu, including a range of Italian dishes. The dish is still available worldwide, as is in the Philippines, where it is popular and is usually served from McNuggets.

Ground Steak Sandwich – Tested in various US markets in 1980 as part of the McDonald’s lunch menu, only available after 4 pm.


McDonald’s services, depends on the area in which they have restaurants. They have restaurants, usually in every region. Variation of time and interpretation of available menu is according to the area in which the restaurant is located and according to people’s demands. As it is the world’s biggest and most popular fast food service provider company, they don’t have enough space and time to handle every menu. Because of the shortage of storing the food items and other things that matter; hence, you will have the opportunity to avail of some items.