Maaco paint job cost, warranty and reviews

Do you own a car and want a new paint? Do you want to get it painted by Maaco paint service? If you wish to Maaco paint done by its painters, the costs depend on certain factors. These factors include the choice of paint package, preparation required for your car to get it ready for paint. You want a color change or not. These things play a significant role in determining the costs of painting your vehicle. The paint packages start from $300 if the preparation is just total body sanding. If you are not getting the car washed for a smashup derby, In this case, you should only get an assessment of pint because your vehicle will need only sandpaper for prep.

The Maaco does not give you estimates on the phone or email though you send pictures also. You should personally plan a visit to local Maaco body shop for pain in a person to get an insight into estimates of charges.

Cost estimates

Maaco offers cost of car body painting 100% free of cost. You need not reserve time for getting the evaluation. If you, however, schedule an online appointment it may be better. You may call the shop and request for an interview. When you get an estimate, the costs may be higher than you have expected. What is the reason? There are hidden damages to your car, which you do not understand. These are though uncommon but during the repair and painting process and these damages may be discovered.



Now it is a fact that you may be compelled for a $300 paint job. It may be something that may be an excellent and affordable package, but in this case, you are neglecting the surface damage, and you are only paying for a car body repaint. You must keep in mind that when you have decided on car paint, you must get the smoothest perfection and highest gloss. It would be best if you went for the recommended repairs. If you have opted for a color over scratches and dents, you are still capable of receiving a warranty. If you do not pay attention to the recommended repairs, you may lose your warranty.

Body repair

The technicians of Maaco start the repair process through some procedures. The mechanics first eliminate the small dents on car body and finish scratches that are not visible. The process involves five steps for a complete finish. These five steps are as under:

  • Grinding process to remove the paint of the area that s damaged.
  • I am restoring the body to its original look.
  • Then the technicians apply fillers mixture and hardener to make the unleveled surfaces.
  • Sanding and glazing of the repair area
  • Then repainting the body


Maaco has its customer’s base. It has satisfied customers who express appreciation for high quality and expert paint job. These facts make it the top paint service. You may expect skilled painting and estimates.