KissAnime streaming service review

Kiss anime is a streaming service for anime around the world including japan, British, Korean etc. It is an anime based streaming website and it allows the users to hosted links, videos and live streaming regarding different genera of anime and it is also known as the world biggest anime streaming website around the globe.

Is Kiss Anime safe to use?

The Kiss anime page offers free anime videos that can be viewed on both mobile and desktop devices. In addition, it offers the option of downloading them with different quality levels. However, it is a question of a dubious page that used deceptive ad networks. It means that it contains misleading ads, of dubious reliability, and that it points to suspicious and deceptive pages.

Is Kiss Anime illegal?

I would give that a hard yes technically. It’s pretty much the same as watching movies for free. Like the anime version of Netflix would be Crunchyroll except Crunchyroll has good stuff in it. Anything that gives back to content creators or the studios putting this stuff out is good for all of us because they need money as well. On the flip side of that there’s just some stuff it doesn’t have and if you want to watch something there’s no other way to watch then you do watch got to do.
It’s illegal because of copyright as Kiss anime doesn’t have the rights to show the anime. It’s ok to view, though, since Kiss anime tries to keep Internet bots from finding it.

Why is Kiss anime so popular among the kids?

Kiss anime is a website full of anime (Japanese Cartoons) and manga (Japanese Comic-like Novels) and kids loves these things as it is their super heroes and they have craze about watching them so kiss anime provide them a platform to watch their super heroes.

It has a large library of anime (Japanese animation) shows available, many of which aren’t yet available in the U.S. They are also subtitled in English despite not having been officially subtitled or dubbed for release to western audiences.

Is it safe to sign up for a Kiss Anime account?

Yes, it is safe to sign up for kiss anime account. You can sign up with the help of your Gmail account /Facebook account as you feel easy. By signing up you can access to different anime and you can also get a downloading link and different accessible options on the site too.

What happened to kiss anime in 2020?

Due to Japan’s new copyright system Kiss Anime decided to shut down (or something like that). But it is better to support the animators and voice actors because they work hard during the pandemic

History regarding kiss anime

It was launched in year 2012. The website, as well as Kiss Manga, was shut down on 14 August 2020 after about 8 years of existence and it has been suggested this was done due to copy rights complaints, and the threat of the new, stricter Japanese laws on online privacy. In 2017 the site was also a target of a subpoena by US company fun animation which described its actions as aimed at “someone… disseminating infringing content on a massive scale, for profit.

Main features:

  • Ads: some
  • Stream quality:   multiple streams and qualities of 1080p, 480p, 720p, 360p. Loading time extra slow but really good generally. Depends where you are.
  • Layout:  Very spread out but I think there could be more on the homepage. There are multiples      categories and the site is easy to use. The sorting is really good but it’d be nice to have tags. You can select what you want pretty easily.
  • Aesthetics: It looks similar to Crunchyroll from what I remember. light and dark theme.
  • library: medium-large
  • sub: yes
  • dub: yes

Extra stuff (positive and negative):

  • It’s really dope that the kiss anime stream community got back together to make this. kiss anime was the first anime streaming site I used. If you are aiming for an active and nice community this is definitely the best site to use.
  • I noticed there are a few bugs like when sorting filters but it’s still being developed.
  • Site is quite slow sometimes.

Good things about Kiss anime:

  • There is a great collection of content. Some older and rarer content can be found on KA (Kiss Anime).
  • Load speeds are good as the content is encoded in high compression to save space and bandwidth.
  • Some users like that you are able to use Disguise to discuss.
  • Bookmarking feature with folder support which I did not know about
  • The ‘healthy’ number of servers and alive links
  • Good search bar.

Bad things about things Kiss anime:

  • The ads.
  • Being banned for using an inferior adblocker
  • The Captcha
  • Late uploads of episodes
  • Bad Quality

Bad Quality

This needs to be clarified. Kiss Anime to save space and bandwidth compress their videos heavily which leads to a massive loss in quality. This makes videos load faster and smaller to download but you lose a lot of quality. If you watch 1080p, its only has the pixel size of 1080p and not the quality of a real 1080p file.


Kiss Anime is used by thousands if not tens of thousands of people around the world. It’s great for just watching anime for people with slow/old phones or slow internet. It’s also the one of the oldest streaming sites out there. The ads can be easily be blocked with u Block Origin or a tamper monkey script but if you don’t mind them, then it’s no problem.

The Captcha is definitely a nuisance but that’s to stop people from scraping their sites to rip off their streams and not bot attacks. Bot attacks are already protected by Cloudflare.

It’s a very average site and has probably set the standard for Anime sites in the last decade. For anime lovers it is indeed one of the best streaming sites that is available on internet.