Is wikibuy legit and safe website to use?

Wikibuy, found online at, is a new browser extension that automatically gives its users expertise in comparing prices without any extra time and effort. To save you cash when shopping online. Capital One Shopping calls itself an “automatic shopping assistant.” Like Honey, Capital One Shopping is a browser extension and mobile device app. It works among Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. It works with equally desktop computers and mobile devices, as well as Android and iOS, and is designed for online shopping only.

This helps consumers save money by offering price comparisons, best shopping deals, and discount coupons on online shopping sites such as Target, Amazon, eBay, and many more. Wikibuy is widely discussed by the online community due to its numerous fake shopping assistants, potential privacy, and developer reputation issues.

Before we start a Wikibuy review, we can make sure it’s legitimate and safe to use. As well as other browser extensions and programs, this add-on has good and compatible features that we will discuss later.

How Does It Work?

The goal of the Wikibuy website is to allow its users to “automatically know the best price” whenever they are looking to buy a product or item online, and you can only find it in the browser. The extension is to be installed on your Chrome. Once the addition is installed, all you have to do is shop online as you usually would. For example, let’s say you’re trying to find a cat bed on

The Wikibuy Extension will then automatically search other co-retailers, such as or Pet Stores, to see if they offer the same or similar products at a lower price. Also, the extension will find discount and coupon websites to see if this particular retailer is offering promotions that will make your purchase cheaper.

The sales of that a retailer can’t pay them to be more prominent than any other retailer – the only factors that influence their customers to make their recommendations are the product and the price. After all, all purchases are made directly through Wikibuy, so customers can store their payment information on the same website and know that it is not being shared with other websites for which they may be new or with whom they are not comfortable.

Cost/Price Plans

Wikibuy is currently free for users who want to add this extension to their browser and use it to find comparable or better deals at other retailers. Whenever a user changes to their original retailer and chooses to purchase their product through Wikibuy instead, the money earned by Wikibuy is paid by these retailers.

Refund Policy

The refund and refund policy with Wikibuy is particularly special because Wikibuy acts as a payment processor, manages all payment information, and ultimately transfers the payment to the retailer in exchange for your order. Because of this, any customer who wants to get their product refunded must first go through Wikibuy. To start the process, users will need to go to their Wikibuy account and click the Order History option from the menu.

Here you can start your return process by providing information about what you are returning and why. Once their customer service team receives your message, they will respond to you within 24 hours to explain the full return instructions. Once you follow the return instructions and successfully submit your purchase to the retailer, they will notify Wikibuy of its successful return, and Wikibuy will issue your refund as soon as possible.

Customer Service Contact Info

Users who wish to contact customer service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can submit them directly to their website via the Contact Us link in the upper right corner of their website.


Unfortunately, this company has almost no reviews, which is particularly troubling because it offers to act as a payment processor for its customers, and financial and credit cards if needed. All information and processing of profits and refunds. These are surprisingly serious responsibilities, and without talking to other companies or consumers about their personal experiences with this service, consumers may find it difficult to know whether to trust this company or not.

This concern is exacerbated by the fact that this extension is not offered directly through the Google Chrome extension store, but only through its website. Users who have successfully or unsuccessfully tried this service for themselves should leave reviews of their extension so that other customers know what to expect.

Competitors and Alternatives

Many other websites offer similar services, but users have to opt-out of the website they are purchasing and go to another website to view this offer or coupon. The item will offer a search for this item.

Theory of Wikibuy scam and other negative reviews

Despite all the benefits and positive feedback on the application, there is still negative feedback. One of the most popular ups and downs is not providing the lowest price for the product, earning commissions from consumer purchases, long parcel delivery times, and data tracking.

Users often ask if there is a wiki buy scandal. Nowadays, many add-ons and browser extensions pretend to be legal. However, they are used to collect user personal information, such as credit card details. However, this increase is legal and does not involve the theft of any certificate.

Is Wikibuy Safe?

Browser extensions can path private data and may consist of malware, so be alert to who you install. Wikibuy is secure, but some people may be worried about the amount of information recorded and stored in it. When you install WikiBay you allow the collection of private information about yourself, including browsing and shopping behavior, and transfer this information to WikiBay, which is owned by a credit card company. ۔

When shopping online, Capital One Shopping has proven to be a smart way to save money. And you can start saving money from your flywheel fund, pay off debts, save for a vacation, or work for any other money you have.