Is RedBubble legitimate?

Got yourself a piece of artwork but not sure how to sell it and make money? Or you could be someone who is looking for a creative design to put on your T-shirts?

In both situations, Redbubble is the platform of choice!

In the print-on-demand niche, Redbubble is among the top marketplaces where artists get paid for their art while the sellers get their hands on unique & creative designs. Today, the Redbubble platform is filled with millions of buyers and sellers connected by their shared love for art.

A Look at Redbubble

Made in 2006, Redbubble is an online marketplace for artists who want to sell their arts and buyers who want designs for their products. Based in Australia, this platform allows sellers to sell their artwork which can be used on various products such as T-shirts, stickers, stationery, phone cases, masks, and so on. What do the sellers get in return for their artwork? They get paid in real money!

A quick look at the Redbubble site reveals that various categories are available such as:

  1. Clothing
  2. Accessories
  3. Gifts
  4. Stationary
  5. Phone cases
  6. Masks
  7. Kids & Babies

And much more…

People all around the world are in search of unique designs that can be printed on their products, such as masks, gifts, clothes, stationery, and so on. The Redbubble platform solves this problem by providing access to a vast library of unique designs. Once a potential customer has selected a design, he/she can place an order. The rest of the heavy lifting is done by the Redbubble platform itself. It takes roughly about 3 weeks for the finished product to reach the buyer’s destination.

Is Redbubble Safe?

Redbubble is actually a registered company and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). With its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia – The Company is operating for more than 15 years.

Websites that are owned by a company and are also listed usually mean they are very safe and secure. The website uses SSL technology to securely handle all the data sent to or from the platform. The overall layout of the website is also very user-friendly and takes advantage of modern technologies to offer a secure environment.

As for the products, they are completely genuine, and only real artwork is listed on the site. The platform also supports most of the countries and can ship to almost all over the world. The support team is also very efficient and usually solves the issues related to buyers & sellers in a quick manner.Redbubble website is completely safe and secure!

Is RedBubble Legitimate?

The website is so good that it can be compared to the top e-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and others. The best part about the platform is its quick customer support that can handle most of the issues that are related to buyers and sellers.

For buyers, customer support can solve any of the site issues, refunds, or problems related to your order.

As for the sellers, they also get the protection of their work & can report in case someone is unlawfully using their artwork.

These days, Redbubble support can take 24-48 hours to reply to any support ticket.

If we look at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) page for Redbubble, it shows a positive rating of “A+,” which adds to the credibility.

Another important factor that adds to the legitimacy is that Redbubble is a publicly-traded company. The company is listed on ASX with the symbol “RBL” and a share price of A$3.42 (Australian Dollars).

Being around since 2006 (15 years) and having positive reviews is yet another positive point for the site.

So, Yes! The Redbubble website is a completely legitimate and safe place for creators and art-lovers alike.

Why Should Sellers Join Redbubble?

So you love to create artwork and also want to make money for your hard work? That’s great, and Redbubble is here to help. Joining the platform is very easy and can be done in a few steps:

Create an artist account on the platform by clicking on the Signup link. Provide your email, set a password, and complete the account creation process.

Once an account has been made, an artist can upload any artwork he/she wants. It is best only to upload the best work to attract most buyers.

An artist is free to select a suitable title, description, and other important information about his work.

Once artwork is published on the site, it can be seen by potential buyers. Whenever someone buyers artwork on the platform, the artist gets paid royalties. With a minimum withdrawal of $20, the money goes directly to the bank account.

Why Should Buyers Join Redbubble?

In this modern age, it can be extremely challenging to find artwork that is unique, original, and, most importantly, affordable. Redbubble offers all of that with the main focus on affordability.

Depending on the design, most of the artwork is very reasonably priced as compared to other sources. Besides the artwork, the price for on-demand printing is also very reasonable and competitive.

Some of the common items available on the site & their respective prices are:

  • A T-shirt can cost around $18 on average.
  • A high-quality T-shirt can cost around $36 on average.
  • Coffee and tea mugs sell for $12 apiece.
  • Artwork in print form may range from $16 to $18.

The prices mentioned above are only for the products. Depending on your country, shipping costs may vary.

For faster shipping, the platform also offers an express shipping option which ensures quick delivery of your selected products.


For both the buyers & sellers (artists) alike, Redbubble is a beneficial platform. It can be hard for new talent to show their work to potential buyers in today’s competitive market. On the other hand, buyers also want to get their hands on creative artwork in the form of T-shirts, coffee mugs, masks, and so on.

Another thing to note before making any purchase is to look for coupon codes or discounts. A quick Google search can quickly show any recent and valid coupons, reducing the price of your product.

For both the buyer and seller, the platform is completely legitimate and safe. Even in the case of a dispute, the site’s customer support is always present to resolve any issues or problems.