Is it safe to use Avast Free Antivirus program?

Getting a new laptop is great and all , but it comes with the responsibility of making sure that the computer is always safe from viruses and other threats. To ensure that your laptop is safe from viruses, you can invest in a premium antivirus or make you can make use of a free antivirus to help protect it. The question then is, “what antivirus should you use for protecting your system?” One of the most common antiviruses that people use for protecting their laptops from viruses is Avast antivirus.

AVAST antivirus has both the premium and the free version. The Avast free antivirus is a beneficial antivirus for anyone because, even though you pay absolutely nothing to use it, it does a good job of keeping your system safe from threats. Most free antivirus comes with only basic protection, but the AVAST free antivirus comes with far more benefits. For instance, aside from the superb antivirus protection that it offers your computer, the Avast free antivirus also comes with additional features. These features include a password manager,  a network security scanner, browser independent protection from dangerous URLs, and some other benefits.

A set of people who will find Avast free antivirus particularly useful are online gamers who regularly visit sites that harbor malware. The antivirus helps to block malware from popping up while you play the game, and it prevents some functions from being used, thereby enabling you to play the game more freely. The online gamer mode also has features for automatically detecting when you start playing online and immediately suspends some functions so that resources are freed up, and you can play your online game with minimal disturbances.


Another benefit of the Avast free antivirus to you is that it automatically adds your gaming sites to the safe list. This would enable the game mode to turn on faster the next time you decide to play the game. In addition, the application runs in the background, working to detect any threats to your computer while you are gaming.

The installation of the AVAST free antivirus is very easy. Aside from this, the antivirus has an easily navigable dashboard in which you can quickly find the settings and tools you need to use. Despite all these great benefits that the AVAST antivirus possesses, some users still complain about how the application is difficult to use and that it has some quirks. For instance, its virus detection rate is about 60%, meaning that 40%  of most viruses are undetected. Also, it has a lot of ads, is very heavy when scanning, and its module cannot stop hackers.

All in all, the Avast free antivirus is safe to use for your device. However, for you to get the best out of it, you will be better off using it with a data backup tool and an anti-malware tool. Both of them are free, and they will add to the protection that the Avast free antivirus confers on your device.