Is Etsy safe?

Unlike other online stores, Etsy is more focused on handmade crafts and items of historical value. That’s why it has become a popular choice for both new and seasoned artists alike. But before you think of making a purchase on Etsy, you need to know about the platform’s safety.

Is Etsy safe for the buyers? Let’s take a look ourselves:

The sellers on the Etsy platform cannot see your financial information (Debit Card, Credit Card, etc.) at all. All the purchases made on the site are handled through a secure checkout system which ensures complete security of your information. This is the main issue that can prevent a buyer from making a purchase on Etsy.

If you think that the sellers on this platform can get access to your financial information, you are wrong. The platform itself handles payment handling, item returns and various other features. You can think of Etsy as a platform where both buyers and sellers meet.

To be on the safe side, you should never disclose your financial information to any of the sellers on the platform. If someone asks you to share your information or make a purchase outside of the Etsy platform, do not do it!

A Look at

Etsy was founded as an e-commerce platform more than 15 years ago. Unlike traditional online stores, which sell the usual items, Etsy is more geared towards the creative crowd and those who want something unique. Some of the most famous categories on this platform are:

  • Jewellery
  • Furniture
  • Toys
  • Crafting tools & supplies
  • Bags
  • Cloths
  • Vintage Items

And much more…

Unlike the items made in big manufacturing units or owned by big brands, Etsy provides access to the items made by real artists. When you make a purchase on this site, you are supporting the local artists while also getting a special & unique item in return.

From small items such as bags, toys, clothes to big items such as wooden furniture – All of them are available on the site. There is a special requirement for the vintage items, though – They must be at least 20 years old to be considered vintage.

Being an artist-friendly platform, Etsy has become the home for artists to showcase DIY projects, handmade items and unique designed creative stuff! Today, the site boasts of handling millions of orders, interactions and visitors each day.

Etsy is also a publicly traded company and is listed on NASDAQ with a share price of $164. The company’s headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York.

Is Etsy Legit?

In short, Etsy is a registered company and a completely legit platform. You can think of the site as a middleman that connects sellers and buyers together.

On this platform, sellers get a lot more freedom to sell their handicraft items through a personalized shop. Communication between the buyers and sellers is also a straightforward and beneficial part of the platform. Why? Some customers may want a personalized version of an item, and for that to work, proper communication is the key. Good communication and personalization are some of the unique features of the Etsy platform.

A buyer may find tons of interesting items such as vintage, handmade or some other… However, items produced on a large scale, as seen in most normal stores, are not available here. Probably that’s why buyers and sellers love the platform!

To ensure the standards set by the Etsy platform, all sellers must ensure that:

  1. No mass-produced item must be listed in the shop.
  2. Items which are classified as vintage must be at least 20 years old.
  3. Items that can be used to create your own handmade crafts are called craft tools. A seller is free to sell such items on the platform.
  4. If you are not a sole proprietor and have a partner or partners, that should be disclosed in your shop.
  5. Any pictures of your products/items must belong to the seller.who own a shop on the platform. That’s why any complaints from the buyers & sellers are taken very seriously and rectified in a timely fashion.

Etsy Inc. Company

As mentioned earlier, Etsy is not just a site managed by some random person. The platform is owned by Etsy Inc., a listed company available on the NASDAQ index. The company’s market cap is close to $20.98 billion (US Dollar), which makes it a strong technology-based company.

Numbers from the year 2008 shows that the company’s revenue reached $600 million. All of this shows that Etsy is a big name in the e-commerce market and can be compared with the big giants.

Is It Safe To Use Debit Card & Credit Card?

Card payments are the only way to make a purchase on the website. Once a buyer has entered his credit/debit card information on the site, it can be saved on the website, which is completely secure. So the next time when a buyer decides to make a purchase, he/she will not have to enter the information again. Once again, this feature is entirely optional and totally depends on the user choice.

On the Etsy website, users can create an account by using email or an account from Google & Facebook.

This raises a question, though… Do the sellers get access to your card information?

At no point during the transaction does the card information get in the hands of the seller. Your financial information is stored on the website through SSL and a fully secure environment.

By default, Etsy handles all the orders as well as the financial information of the buyers.


For both buyers and sellers, Etsy is a safe e-commerce platform. Etsy acts as a middle man and handles most of the stuff that comes from running an e-commerce website. The customer’s financial information is also safe, and the sellers do not get access to it. Even in the case of a dispute or a refund request, customers can get help from Etsy customer support.

To put it short, Etsy is a 100% safe platform for buyers and sellers.