Is APK Pure is legal and safe? is an open-source service that provides direct access to android Apps in the form of APK files. You can use this website to download any file into your android devices. The broad groups of devices run android.

By APKPure, you can download such apps which are not available in your region. This website has been operating since 2014, and till now, it is very famous and easy to use. On this site, you can download locked games in your country.

You can also discover the new apps and games by this App. It will also provide you the latest version of your favorite games by just turning on the notification option. You don’t have to worry about the problems like older versions of Apps.

People are worried about the legitimacy of the APKPure file. The owner’s website vanished all the doubts and proved the legalization by showing its badges. is not affiliated with Google or any other android. Android is a trademark of Google; thus, all apps are of their respective developer’s property. This App can also give the version history of certain apps.

So, in further paragrapher, we will discuss the legitimacy and security of the APK website, which they made for their users.

APK Stands for

This abbreviation is derived from the “Android Package.” Consider this is a file format; it is for both distribution and installing only mobile Apps on the more excellent Android platform.

This abbreviation is originated from middleware software, which is developed to run other software properly. This file format is for all kinds of applications, games, and other social media Apps. The social media apps include Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, etc.

You can hear about this abbreviation from every Android user. It is used on android app stores that are run on the same principle as APKPure. Developers will use this term to make it easy for the users to find it on their android phones.

Why use APK Pure?

There are unlimited advantages of using APK files, which will help you choose the best website for downloading the games.

  • From its open-source service, everyone can access it easily.
  • The other advantage, using APKPure is intuitive and user-friendly. Users can easily download or upload their files with a minimum amount of difficulty.
  • There is no specific language barrier; you can see that this site is available in many languages, like English, Russian, German, French, Polish, and Vietnamese.
  • There is an extensive library of features in mobile apps.
  • Apps will automatically update without any root access.
  • These APK files have their apps and games that are their developer makes.
  • The staff and their services are accommodating, and they are always ready to work with all users; they ensure you that they have the safest website and have an excellent experience with them.
  • All apps are verified.
  • The cryptographic signatures have been involved in the all-new version of APK files to match the original ones.

Is APK safe and secure?

If this service is a wise choice, you want to download mobile apps on your tablet or other devices. Users uploaded their APK files at the website, and in turn, you can quickly get access to these files and download them into your device.

They have skilled staff members, and they will take a look at the file and ensure you that this website will meet all guidelines, which is essential in the downloading procedure.

The cryptographic signature is used to compare the files; then, they allow their staff of APKPure to check the file whether it’s duplicate or not. Most files are identical in result with the adequate security for their users.

It is also true that no web service is entirely safe; security problems can arise on any web. But in APKPure, fully open to the public for their convenience, so they can easily upload APK files from their devices.

Their staff also ask on their website that if users have been experiencing any trouble regarding the services, you can freely tell them. They will use their best resources to repair the issue.

There are some considerations without restricting a specific region; there are numerous reasons you need to use an unofficial APK based app and not go towards the google play store to purchase your desire items.

Because the apps on the google play store are not entirely safe and secured yet, and they are not offering any guarantee about the apps’ legitimacy. In 2017, the google staff members violated the policies of google play policies, and after that, they lost their security.

Pros of installing APK files

According to the surveys, there are many reasons why you should choose the APK for your favorite apps. Some time new apps are leaked before the actual time of their arrival, and you can get them before their availability on the google store.

In some ways, you can find difficulty in downloading the apps from the Google play store then you choose to download such files.

Google play store puts some restrictions on the regions, and if you are facing difficulty, then it means your country is one of the restricted regions. In that case, you can pick the APK file of the related App, and then you can enjoy it.

The APK files allow you to get the update of apps daily. This step will save you from frustration, and you can get the extra goodies with the related App.

Cons of installing APK files

This App has come with certain disadvantages, and the staff members advised to be careful while installing this App. In this website, specific software which helps safe downloading of Apk file has been stolen, or some are pirated that why users are facing some minor trouble in installing.


Users have to clearly understand the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the APK file. Some allow you to access the unavailable applications, which show some harmful elements affecting the mobile device. It would help you always looked at the comments and customers review before installing such files.