HP printer status offline mistake

It is a common everyday problem that you look at the HP printer menu, and it is showing offline. Now, what to do? What are the offline reasons? And how may we solve the issue? Can you surely get the printer online with some checks and steps? It is easy and quick, and you may be online again. There are a lot of problems. Some times when you are printing, but your computer thinks your hp printer is offline? There are some errors, and you need to fix it. In this article, you will find some essential solution tips in an offline scenario and get an insight into the reasons for this phenomenon.

Why this happens

When you find that your hp printer status is offline. It is an indication that it is unable to communicate with your computer. There may be different reasons, such as:

  • You turned it off and forgot.
  • The cables are broken. It may be a network cable or USB cable which is disconnected.
  • You set the printer for offline use.

There may be different symptoms for the occurring. Some may be as follows:

  • No response from the printer
  • Offline or grayed out printer icon status
  • You may have accidentally changed the default printer driver.
  • Your network cannot and printer.
  • You may have disabled file and printer sharing
  • IP address is reset or changed
  • Your printer has lost connection with the network, and it is in sleep mode.


So have you checked network or WIFI connection? Is the network functional and working? It may be a problem that your hp printer has vanished from the system. You may find hp app on the APP store for the purpose

Solution and support

You may perform some simple tasks, and your print may be connected. Sometimes you find that there is a problem in the power cycle, and it is unable to go into wireless set up. There may be an issue in the control panel, and you need to fix it through setting. You may contact support if the problem persists. There are different ideas and support sites.

The problem depends on your consideration of going offline. You may troubleshoot the problem if there is a network connectivity issue.

When any equipment loses connection, you may solve it accurately. Here are some things to do when the problem persists.

  • Verify that it is offline. You may ping it from your computer.
  • Check network cables
  • Go to setting and check whether you have mistakenly turned it offline.
  • Check IP addresses if there are duplicate.
  • Browse the internet for assistance.

If your windows report it as offline, it may be windows or printer port communication issues. Go to the printer and then properties. Check ports and set up a new port with a printer IP address. There may be some other issues. You may set up an access point and router. If there is still a problem, you may configure the port and enable SNMP status.