How to type a squared symbol in different software?

You may encounter some instances whereby you need to insert the squared symbol while typing in Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint and many more. You need o know these methods whether you are using a smartphone, windows or the Mac keyboard.

We have given the information below that is excellent, especially when you are using Windows or Mac. If you are not satisfied with the most straightforward methods, we have also deeply covered the complicated ones. You may be familiar that both the windows and the Mac have dual-purpose keys on their keyboards.

You will just need to press two or more buttons at the same time and insert these symbols easily at any time.

Pressing the Shift + 7 keys can be used as an example to give you the Ampersand (&) sign. You must know that not all the symbols are printed on the keyboards, making it easy to type them. The squared symbol is one of these symbols. Typing will become quite challenging, especially when they require you to use these symbols frequently. However, it does not need to be a very hard task as we have made it easier for you in this article.

How to insert the squared symbol in Microsoft word/excel?

In this segment, we are going to show you various ways in which you can type or insert the squared symbol anywhere in the PC, Mac and windows. Computers use applications such as word, excel or PowerPoint. You will know various ways you can use them to insert the squared number and any symbol when the need arises.

Below are the ways you can insert the squared symbol

Squared and symbol shortcuts on windows and Mac

Various shortcuts work with Microsoft word. However, we have a shortcut for windows for inserting the squared sign, which works across plenty of applications.  It is known as the Alt code shortcut that is Alt+0178.

For those using Microsoft word, the shortcut is 00b2, Alt X. it, however, applies in Microsoft word only. For you to use this effectively on windows, you need to follow the following procedures:

  • The insertion pointer should be placed in the correct place.
  • On the keyboard, type 00B2, and then Alt + X.

If you do this, the numbers will be converted to the squared symbols in the lace where the insertion pointer is.

For those using the Mac, below are ways in which you can insert the squared symbol shortcut using the Mac:

  • You first need to place the insertion point at the place you want to insert the symbol.
  • Using the Mac keyboard, Press Option + 00B2 at the same time.

After completing the two steps, the squared symbol will be automatically inserted on the Mac PC

Squared Symbol Alt Code for Windows

All the words’ symbols have a unique code that you need to know for you to insert the symbols into the document.  The well-known code is the Alt code. Below are the several ways that you can insert this symbol on the keyboard:

  • By pressing the num lock key to permit a numeric keypad., Use the Fn key + Numlk keys that will turn on the Num lock on the laptops or desktop without the numeric keypad.
  • Press and hold the Alt Key and type 0178 using the numeric keypad
  • When you finish typing the Alt code, such as the 0178, release the Alt key you pressed down.
  • After releasing the Alt key, the Squared symbol needs to pop up in the document.

Copy and Paste the squared symbol

You can copy and paste the squared symbol. It is one of the easiest and favorite among different people. When using this method, you will be required to google the symbol you want to insert or type. You will then copy it from the results of the searches given. After getting the symbol into the document, you can recopy and paste it when required.

  1. Another way to copy this and any other symbol on the windows is by using the Windows Character Map.
  2. You will need to look for the character map app  by pressing the start button.
  3. The character map pops up in the search results. Press it to launch
  4. When the character map window opens, go to the Advanced View check box to expand the window for more advanced options.
  5. While still in the Advanced View section, type superscript two in the search box.
  6. The symbol you are looking for, in this case, the squared one, will pop up on the character map. The next thing you need to do is double click on it and select it. It allows you to copy and select various symbols simultaneously.
  7. You will then select the symbol you want to copy and press the copy button
  8. Switch to where the symbol is needed, be it word, excel or any other application and press the Ctrl + V to paste.

Using the Insert symbol for the dialogue

This process is not similar to the shortcut methods, but it is very simple. After getting the symbol into the document, you are able to copy and paste it again and when it is required. The following are some of the ways of inserting the square symbol in word using the dialogue symbol.

  • Open word/ excel and go to the insert tab.
  • Click the Symbol button on the Insert tab, followed by more symbols.
  • It will bring up a symbol dialogue box.
  • Look for the squared symbol- the squared symbol is located at the bottom area of the dialog and type the 00B2 in the character code: field.  The squared symbol you are required to enter will be chosen after you finish entering the code.
  • Press the insert option, or you can just double click on the symbol.
  • Click close; this is how you will succeed in inserting the squared button in the document.


As we have vividly discussed, these are the various ways that you can insert the squared symbol in any software with or without using the keyboard. The copy and paste method is the easiest one, followed by the shortcuts.