How to recover deleted emails from GMail?

It may seem like a great decision to you when you decide to delete some emails from your Gmail account. However, after some time, you might discover that those emails were more important than you first thought, and you would need them after all. Aside from deliberately deleting your mails, it is possible to mistakenly delete an email even before you have had the chance to read it, as no one is above mistakes. Whatever the circumstances surrounding your lost mails, there are ways of recovering them, with the easiest way for you to get them back being if you act on time and take measures to retrieve them before thirty days.

There are two ways of recovering your deleted Gmail messages. The first process of recovery is for emails that have been deleted for not more than thirty days, and the second process is for mails that have been removed from your trash with the “delete forever ” button.

Messages that have been deleted for less than 30 days are usually moved to trash by default. Some people report that they cannot find the trash page in their Gmail. This is because the trash button sometimes gets hidden due to some circumstances.  To locate the trash page in your Gmail, click on the “gear” icon on your account after you have logged in, then click on “settings.” After that, click on the button that says “labels.” you would see the trash button with a show button in front of it that is turned off. You can then click on the show button in front of “trash” to turn it on. Once you have located the trash, you can quickly recover messages you have lost within thirty days from it using the following simple steps:


Click on the “trash” folder, and you will see all the emails that you have deleted within the past thirty days stored there.

To recover your mail(s), select all the emails you want to recover and then click on the “move to inbox” option. They will be recovered and moved back to your inbox, where you can now have access to them again.

You can permanently delete emails in the trash by clicking on the delete forever button. You could still try to retrieve them, though, and you would need to carry out a more complicated process than the one above to recover your permanently deleted messages. In this process, you would have to involve Gmail by sending an email to request for the recovery of the lost emails. The steps involved include:

  • Open the Gmail account in which you want to recover the deleted messages.
  • Go to the “missing emails” support page and fill all the information required from you correctly on the page.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • You will receive an email from
  • Check the email to ensure that the process was successful. If it were successful, your deleted messages would be recovered after some time.