How to know if someone viewed profile on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp profile is an important feature since the advent of WhatsApp. Who does not like pictures of themselves? This feature allows you to display your well selected photo on the app.It is also a way of identifying yourself with your friends and family hence giving you the chance to talk and chat. It however, is an exposure of yourself to those persons with different thinking.WhatsApp is a user friendly app where you get to keep in touch with your friends. Technology today develop this application to make you comfortable while communicating at your own terms and conditions. It allows you to send pictures, videos and even audios provided you have an internet connection.
It has been a user friendly until this time where evil minds have grown in population. Despite being and effective platform for communication, it also allows people with a goal to track and spy on you. People misuse the application to create trouble on other people’s lives. However, technology has a way of letting you know who is after you with just some simple to use apps. These technology developments include:
1.Who viewed my profile WhatsApp
This is one of the application that help people using android phone to know who viewed their profiles. It is a simple to use application which you will only download and install it. Thereafter you will be able to see those who viewed your profile throughout the day. This application is a not charged anything in order to install it. It is a free application. However, like any installed application, it has instruction to follow for better results on its usage.

They include:
•The first step is to download the app from the link given.
•Allow installation of the android app from unknown sources for it to be in your phone.
•After installing the application, start running it.
•You will then scan by pressing the green button
With the correct way of installation, you will have to wait a few seconds for the app to scan all your contacts and thereafter you will be able to know who viewed your profile on WhatsApp.

Are you an iPhone user? Then this application will equally help you view those that are interested in your profiles. This application is sadly unavailable for any other smart phone except those that use iPhone. Instruction for its installation is as follows:
•Install the application to your phone
•By opening the app, you will need to create an account where you will have to login thereafter.
•You will then open WhatsApp followed by contacts and refresh it.
After refreshing your WhatsApp contacts you then go back to WRevealer and hit the search option. After a few seconds of searching, WRevealer will give back its report. This app allows you to save the reports if you will need it in the future. However much the application is smart, it has its charges. It has a subscription and you will choose according to your pocket.
3.Whats tracker
This is one of the application that help you view those who are into your WhatsApp not only give you the freedom to see those who view your profile but can also help you track down those who have interest in your profile. The uses of this application include:
I.Tracking those on WhatsApp
A few decades back, tracking was unheard thing. Even if you wanted to track the where about of a person you would do it manually or better, you would have to be perfect in coding so as to track the person technologically. Gone are those days. This application only need you to install in your phone and let it run through just like any other installed application. This app also give you the advantage of getting into the person of interest phone and can access every call made or messages written and sent.

II.See those who view your profile
This application has an advantage of letting you view the person who is interested in your profile pictures. The only disadvantage is that there is an involvement of the third party which is the website running the application. Spying can be illegal if there is no authorization which in this case the website can turn against you if things go south. Other than that, you are good to go if the person does not realize his or her phone is in tracking mode of if he or she is not interested to know the details of the tracking mode of their phones.

III.Block the person from accessing you WhatsApp
This appals gives you the freedom of getting reed of those persons with interest for good. It gives you the power to block them permanently from accessing your WhatsApp at any time. This application will give you a lasting solution for the WhatsApp trackers.
This application can be used with people with iOS and android phones because they are compatible with them.
Other than the listed application you can use to detect those who viewed your profile, WhatsApp on its own has a way on how to see your profile has its own steps to follow which include:
I.Open your WhatsApp application on your phone
II.After that, tap on the status to open
III.You will then tap on the three dots and this will then reveal those people who have viewed your profile. You can also see the list of people who have viewed your profile by tapping on the eye icon.
WhatsApp is a fantastic application though it has its own risks. Other than face to face communication, audio communication and even messaging, profiling your photos can be a great risk for you. Imagine if some of your friends were on an illegal business and are caught.
Their case can be narrowed down to their friends .with your profile picture, you make work easier for the boys in blue to get you because they will have known who you are. It is good before putting your profile picture on WhatsApp, to way the risks and advantages of it.