How to get the highest Snapchat score?

The modern world is the world of technology, and people are seen spending the majority of the time on social media platforms. Social media applications are a great way to stay connected to your loved ones. Nowadays, people are spending the majority of their time on social media platforms. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media applications that are quite famous among people. Snapchat is famous among the majority of youngsters. People can send videos and photos to their friends, family members, and other contacts. However, people can create streaks by using Snapchat.

Working of Snapchat

Snapchat is a social media application that helps people send messages as it is a messaging application. This application helps users to share photos, videos, and text. You can also send snaps to other users. However, snaps last for a few seconds before they disappear from the screens of users.
You can send snaps directly to your friends and users added with your Snapchat. However, you can add the snap on your Story so everyone on your contacts can see the snap. Your snap story lasts for 24 hours after you have posted it, and the users cannot view your Story 24 hours after you have posted it. So this is how Snapchat works.

What is a snap streak?

Snap streak is two-way communication between people. Snap streak is a count of the number of consecutive days two users have been sending snaps and photos to each other. The number of snap streaks gets higher as the number of days sending snaps gets higher.

Know if you have a streak with someone

It is quite easy to check whether you have a streak with someone on your contact list. All you need to do is to open the Snapchat application. After you have opened Snapchat, you will come to see a streak symbol next to the contact’s name. The streak is symbolized by a little picture of flame and the number of consecutive days for which the streak has gone. The two contacts involved in the streak can see the number of days.

Why streaks are popular among youngsters?

Snapchat is an application that is widely famous and popular among youngsters. Youngsters are always seen sending snaps and streaks to their friends and contacts. Streaks are a great source of entertainment for youngsters. However, youngsters feel a sense of friendship and competition among people. Some people snap streaks to show their rivals about their success and happiness.

Getting the highest Snapchat score

It is the main concern for Snapchat users to get the highest Snapchat streak score. People are always wondering about the most efficient ways by which they can have the highest Snapchat score. Some of the most significant methods to get the highest Snapchat score are mentioned below.

Monitor your Snapchat score

The first and most effective way to increase your Snapchat score is that you should monitor your Snapchat score. After monitoring, you will come to know your progress. However, you can know your Snapchat score on the top left corner of the screen. When you open contact on Snapchat, you need to click on the profile, and in the middle of the page, you can see your Snapchat score.

You can also get to know the score in detail. You can tap on the score, and the score will split into two parts. One part shows the number of streaks you have sent to a particular friend, and the second part shows the number of snaps you have received from a particular friend.

Send frequent snaps

The second significant method through which you can increase your Snapchat score is that you should send frequent snaps to your friends and contacts. You get a score for sending a snap to your friends. So sending frequent snaps can help you earn more points.

Send snaps to multiple friends at once

You can send snaps to one friend at one time, or you can send a snap to multiple friends at once. It is recommended to send a single snap to multiple friends. You will get one point for sending a snap to your friend. Sending a snap to multiple friends will cause an accumulative increase in your Snap score. You can get an additional point for sending a snap to multiple friends at once. For example, if you send a snap to 45 people at once, you might get an increase of 46 points.

All you need is to take a snap and click on the White Send arrow located on the bottom right side of the application. You can click on the contacts of your friends and tap on the name to send multiple streaks at once.

View unopened snaps

A person can sometimes do not find time to open unopened snaps. By this act, all the unread or unopened snaps gather. You can increase your Snapchat score by opening unread and unopened snaps. Users can also replay the snaps, but you do not get extra points for replaying snaps.

Direct messages do not increase Snapchat score

The majority of the people send snaps to other people. But some people send snaps as direct messages. Sending snaps in direct messages does not increase Snapchat score. So it is better to send snaps to the people instead of sending direct messages. However, your Snapchat score does not increase if you open unread, direct messages.

Put snaps on your Story

You can send snaps directly to the friends, or you can put a snap on the snap story. You can add a snap to your Story by following a simple few steps. Click the picture and click on the Send arrow in the upper left corner of the screen. You get one point for adding one snap story. So by putting snaps on your Story, you can increase your Snapchat score.

Add friends on Snapchat

Every friend request is to be accepted by the people. Whenever you accept someone’s friend request or someone accepts yours, then you get one point. You might not get the point if you add those people who add you, such as celebrities or other public figures.