How to get an edu email without being a student?

Do you know the benefits of Edu email account? Do you want to create an edu account while not being in the school or college? Though there have been a lot of changes in Edu account management, you can still get access to an Edu account without being a student. It is quite easy when you are alumni of a college. You need just to contact the alumni department and request an edu account id. If you cannot do so and the department does not provide you, there are some other ways of getting an edu account.

It is how you can get an edu account with an email.

But why people need to create an edu email? You can get some discounts they were getting while studying in a school for some it is just a symbol of pride when sending their resumes to a company though it does not weigh much these days because of integration of most of the colleges nowadays.

Google and Microsoft provide lifetime Edu email account to those who study in the integrated colleges. If you get admission in a certificate course of an online university, they may give an edu email. It is a great advantage, which may give you extra benefits. Moreover, some online providers offer this service, but it is paid one. This may also be helpful.


Edu account benefits

  • There are numerous benefits of the edu email account. Some of these benefits include:
  • Github has offered student development pack with a lot of benefits. But it comes with an edu email address. If you want to enjoy these freebies, you need an edu account.
  • A lot of online websites require Edu email for providing free stuff. These free advantages are exclusively available to students with Edu account.
  • You may have access to the Amazon student pack with an edu account.
  • Apple also offers a discount for Edu account holders.
  • How to create an Edu email account if you are not a student

There are different ways to get Edu email without being a student. You may adopt some alternative shortcuts to get an email. Some sites allow users to register an Edu email without checking your student status. In this way, no students can get Edu email benefits of being a student.


You may register and create an account in a college. You may select a college and post-secondary status. Here are the instructions for registering an edu email.
Click on the Find button and choose any school on the list. Then select continue button. Give your details and create your account with name and password. Check to create your account button after the process is completed. Redirect a page You will see a generated account message, and now you are done with a free edu account. Use it to get benefits and discounts.