How to fix no internet secured Wi-Fi Problem?

Have you ever encountered a situation where you are connected to a network but cannot access any website? This may sound like a difficult problem, but solving it should not be a big problem. The network connection on your computer shows a small yellow triangle, but clicking on it gives you a message stating that no internet is secured. This issue is a bit different from other Internet issues, because you are connected to the Internet through a Wi-Fi router, but fail to connect to the Internet and as a result, are not capable to get access to any web page. In this guide, we will read how to fix no internet secured Wi-Fi problem?

What are the reasons behind No Internet Secured?

It is difficult to say what the real reason behind this error is. However, some causes are responsible for the Internet security issue. Following are the causes:
Sometimes incorrect IP settings or incorrectly configured network settings are the reasons behind this error.
There may be a problem with the network drivers which may result in this error.

Antivirus or firewall, Windows registry errors, corrupted system files will also cause this error. No Internet is secure.

How to fix no internet secured error?

Well, Wi-Fi doesn’t have an exact solution to any Internet-safe problem, so it’s recommended to follow one of the solutions below and see what works for you.

Using Network Troubleshooter

Windows comes with various built-in troubleshooting diagnostics that allow you to detect problems with your network. Fortunately, this problem is completely fixed, although you should be able to run a network and internet troubleshooter.

To run the network and Internet troubleshooter, open the Start menu from the computer, search for “Troubleshoot”, click on the search results under the heading Troubleshooter, now you need to select Network and Internet and click on Network Adapter.

Then the Network Adapter window will be open, then click Next and wait a while.

It will now scan your entire system for all possible errors and fix the issues listed and then restart your computer.

Update your network adapter’s driver software

Sometimes this type of problem can occur because the Wi-Fi driver is out of date. It is therefore recommended to make sure that your system’s Wi-Fi adapter diver is updated. If you have no idea how to update the network drivers, you can carefully follow the instructions below.

First right-click on the Computer icon on the desktop, then select “Properties Options” and now select Device Manager on the left.

Now in the Device Manager window, find and click the Network Adapters section and right-click on the corrupted driver and select the update driver instead of uninstalling. Restart your PC once the update is complete.

Also, if you see a yellow mark on it, you can uninstall it and download it from the developer’s website and install it manually.

We hope this will fix the error.

Reset Network Configurations

If you still can’t connect to the Internet, you need to try resetting network configurations. Follow the below step to fix the internet problem:

First of all open the command prompt with the administrator

To open the command prompt click your window option from your computer and search for “cmd” then right-click on cmd and run it as administrator
Now you need to enter the command and press Enter after each command. Enter the following command

  • netsh winsock reset
  • netsh int ip reset
  • ipconfig /release
  • ipconfig /renew
  • ipconfig /flushdns

Then exit the command prompt window and restart your computer and check that the internet is working or not.

Contact ISP

There is no point in trying a relaxed solution if the problem is with your ISP side. If Wi-Fi is not working on any device, this may be due to some issues with your internet service provider. The ISP may be running downtime. In general, the ISP plans downtime and smart users about this. Timing is usually due to technical and other maintenance reasons.

If unplanned at the moment, this could be due to server failure, a natural disaster, or an unforeseen event.
You can find out about this without contacting your internet service provider. Typically, ISPs post notices about time events on their official site. But, you can check it by logging in with your details. But, if you have no way to check if the ISP is closed, or not, after that, just contact your service provider.

Final thought

Naturally, no internet security is a general problem that most Windows users get from time to time. We hope that after testing all of the above improvements, your computer will be connected to the network and able to browse the Internet. However, if you still encounter errors without an Internet connection, we recommend that you reset or refresh Windows or have a clean Windows installation.