How many stamps do you need to send letters in/from USA?

Although technology has taken away significantly from the importance of mailing letters, letters still get mailed every day. Higher institutions of learning like universities usually send acceptance letters and other letters to prospective students via mail. The same goes for some professional job offer letters and job acceptance letters. Aside from the reasons stated above, though, there are various other reasons why people send and receive letters. To mail a letter that would be delivered, you would need to use a stamp.

Stamps are little pieces of paper that are purchased in post offices and are used to mail letters, whether domestically or internationally. Neglecting to include stamps in your letter would result in your letter not getting posted and instead, it would be returned to you. You would require stamp(s) for every package you send using a post office depending on how big the package you wish to address is.

Attaching a stamp to your letter is very easy, but you have to ensure that you attach it correctly so that your letter would get to its destination. The number of stamps you need to mail letters within the USA depends on the number of ounces that the letter weighs. The bigger the ounces that the letter weighs, the higher the cost required to mail it and the higher the number of stamps needed to mail it. For instance, you can send standard letters that weigh an ounce or less using just one forever stamp or one first-class stamp.


The first-class stamp costs about 55 cents at present. Regardless of where you want to mail the letter within the USA, so long as the letter weighs an ounce or less, it would require just one stamp to send it. The forever stamps are the same price as the first-class stamps, and you can still make use of them regardless of how long you’ve had them, hence the name “forever stamp”. Letters that weigh more than one ounce, however, would require an additional fee of $0.15 per ounce for up to 3.5 ounces. Anything exceeding 3.5 ounces is usually considered a package and would be weighed on a different scale, accordingly.

Card size envelopes containing items such as greeting cards or invitation cards would require two stamps or more depending on how much they weigh even if they are to be mailed within the United States. This is because such cards are oddly shaped and are made from paper that is very tough compared to regular letter papers.

This paper quality makes the envelope more prone to jamming the machines used in processing mails, meaning it will be processed differently. Envelopes that are larger than a size 14 would also require more than one stamp and would be more expensive to mail than envelopes of a lesser dimension.
Although we are in a digital age, some crucial assignments require that you post mails and knowing exactly how many stamps you need to determine if your letter will get to where you needed to on time or not.