How can Homelander be killed?

The television series ‘The Boys’ brought with it interesting characters with amazing superhero powers. The only difference is, the superhero in this series were not of pure heart like the other heroes in most comics. It is sort of like when superman and captain America have an evil baby. The baby, in this case, is Homelander. Homelander is considered to be a psychopath and narcissist. Unlike other superheroes who might have gotten their powers from contact with aliens, Homelander is a work of science. He was created by a company called Vought America, although they claim he came from outer space.  Since he was so powerful, he spent most of his childhood with a bomb strapped on his back in case he tried to escape. All the treatment he went through as a child turned him into a psychopathic narcissist with an Oedipus complex. Even though he now walks free, there are still limitations to where he can go since he is still under the control of the Vought.

Homelander’s abilities

Homelander is considered to be a very powerful superhero based on his abilities. His main strengths are heat vision and super strength. The comics and the movies show him with heat coming from his eyes. He is also known to fly, fight for long without tiring, and has enhanced vocal cords. According to the storyline, he is one of the strongest superheroes, and his megalomaniac tendencies even scared the Vought. So far, it seems like he has no weaknesses, and this is what scared the Vought.

Homelander’s weaknesses

Just like the seven in ‘The Boys,’ Homelander has not been portrayed to have any physical weaknesses. He fights so hard and has never lost a single fight. His main weakness is himself. He has to fight himself daily so he can do the superhero work. He often feels like he is evil and desires control, and it takes his self-restraint to not act on those feelings. For this reason, we can all say that Homelander’s main weakness is himself.

Can Homelander be killed?

With no physical weaknesses, the question many people ask is, can Homelander be killed.  In the Marvel world. Captain America could only die of old age, and Homelander seems to age really slowly. In the DC comics, superman’s only weakness is kryptonite, but even then, he could not be killed so easily. The question many comic book readers had was, can Homelander be killed, and if yes, then how he can be killed.

How Homelander can be killed?

If you have read the comics or watched the movie, you know just how physically indestructible Homelander is. But even with all these attributes, there is still a chance that Homelander can be killed, and here are some oft eh ways how that can happen,


Even though Homelander is very strong physically, his mental strength, on the other hand, is really weak. The comics say he has the self-control of a 14-year-old. It shows just why suicide could be one of the first options on how Homeland can get killed. Since he knows himself and his weakness better, it would come as no surprise that he would choose to end his own life. The reason behind this might be self-loathe or just getting tired of holding himself back so many times that he chooses to take his own life.

Compound V

Even though compound V was injected into Homelander to give him super strength, it could also be used to kill him. All that needs to be done is getting enough people and giving them the compound V then making them go after Homelander. If there are enough people to fight him while they have super strength and powers, chances are they might just kill him. He might be able to get out of a fight with other superheroes, but there is a reduced chance that he will get out of a fight with people who have the same abilities as him. The trick in this situation would be to get as many people as possible since he is considered to be a very strong person.

Blow him up

Another thing that might just kill him would be to blow him up from the inside. Although a bullet cannot touch him from the outside, there is a chance that he could get an explosive inside him somehow. It would blow him up to pieces. It would be just like how they blew up Translucent in the first season.

Find and exploit his weakens

Even though so far there have been no physical weaknesses found when it comes to Homelander, it doesn’t mean he is entirely indestructible.  In the show, the superhero Stormfront who was considered strong had a weakness in her eyes, and that is where you could kill her easily. All that needs to be done is to figure out what Homelander’s weakness is and exploit that.

His son kills him

Homelander’s son is the only character in the series known to be as strong as he is and probably even stronger. It, therefore, goes without saying that this might be a way to kill him. It might take a lot of work to convince his son to even fight him, but there is a high chance that Homelander will not survive the fight.

Black Noir

Based on the comics, Black Noir is a clone of Homelander, which can be used to fight Homelander. All that needs to happen is to get Black Noir to fight and kill Homelander. Since Black Noir has several allergies, he can be killed off easily.


The issue of whether Homelander can be killed or not has been talked about by so many people. There have been so many theories of how the series is going and whether it will be like the comic. At this point, the only thing left is to see what twists the writers will bring into the script and how that will affect Homelander.