Google Drive: folder protect guide

Google Drive is cloud-based storage that provides you with the ability to keep your data like photos, email, documents, and other files on their cloud-based server. If you have a Google account, you will have a storage of 15 GigaBytes on your Google drive.

Google Drive work

Google Drive provides you with the ability to upload and store a vast range of types of files like documents, images, software, audios, videos, and executable file in the cloud base servers of Google. Google Drive caused as a backup of your data to store your device data into Google drive to get free space.
Google Drive is built to provide the ability to work seamlessly with Google without any introversion. The best feature is the integration of Google with cloud-native apps with a google office suite. You will be familiar with it if you have experience with Microsoft office.
Google drive key features:

Storing files

Google gives you fifteen GigaBytes of free storage in Gmail, Google Drive and googles photos. If you ever reach the storage limit, you can buy their subscription to upgrade your Google One Account.

Sharing files

Your files are protected until you want to share them. You have the option to keep it protected and public. Also, you can invite others to view, edit, or download the files and documents.

Why do you need to protect your data?

There are some situations where you need to lock the folders to protect them within a document management system because you are concerned about securing the data from third-party apps or want to preserve the files.
The best you can to secure your folders is to keep them password-protected. In that way, if someone hacks your computer and accesses your files file, they will still not be able to get those files that you don’t want to have.

Managing and organizing files and folders

Once you have many files and you want to organize them. It is like collecting the desktop of your computer. The easiest way is to make a folder and manage your Drive. Create a folder on the web. You can click on new and plot a route to your industry. After you create your folder, you can select the folder name. After starting the word, you will be able to drag and drop the files on the folder. That folder can find that folder on My Drive on the left side of the screen.
In case you do not need a file and want to keep your Drive tidy. The perfect way to delete a file is to right-click on the record file. Consider this may deliver up a context menu. From there, you can select Remove. Instead, you can choose the record file you want to delete, after which, click the trash icon at the upper-right hand corner of your screen.

Sharing files and folders

The most crucial draw of Google Drive is the ability to share documents and folders with others. From sharing video to complete the Drive folder, the Drive makes Share simple. To allocate a Google drive file and folder, proper-click on it to carry up the framework list of options, then click “Share.”

You will upload collaborators using their email addresses and decide whether humans can edit, touch upon, or indeed view the document.

Any documents created in Drive have the option to be edited through a couple of humans immediately, which means you may be capable of collaborating with others in real-time.

Gaining access to Google Drive

Now we have a few fundamentals out of the manner; it is critical to be aware that there are multiple methods to access your Drive. Similar to the use of Drive in your net browser, you could additionally get the right of entry to the cloud of your mobile tool or desktop.

Google Drive on mobile

The Google Drive mobile application is available for both iOS and Android, and it’s a need-to-have for all people who wish immediate access to their documents from anywhere.

The app helps you view, download, upload and delete documents, all out of your mobile tool.

Suppose you are interested in developing, editing, and organizing files at the go. In that case, you may want to download the applicable standalone mobile app. every app has offline aid built-in, so they can characteristic on their own without a web connection. However, they may be additionally designed to work seamlessly with the Google drive app:

  • Google Docs for iOS or Android
  • Google Sheets for iOS or Android
  • Google Slides for iOS or Android

Google Drive on desktop

If you are extra willing to work on a computing device than in an internet browser. Backup and Sync is an application for Mac and computer that makes it smooth to lower back up files to Google drive. The computer client integrates seamlessly with Google drive and simplifies the backup process. it does require minimal effort to use, but it is also easy to install:

  1. the way to installation lower back Up and Sync on Mac
  2. how to set up lower back Up and Sync on a laptop

As soon as installed, a new Google Drive folder is created on your laptop. Any files or folders moved into this file are repeatedly uploaded to Google drive so that you can get access to them anywhere and from any device.

The utmost desirable feature of google drive is its integration with Gmail. The convenience of sharing the files and folders, including web links stored on google drive, can be transmitted to each other through email with the hassle-free procedure. Likewise, email attachments can be stored in google drive directly with few clicks. Thus, the need to occupy the physical storage of desktop computers and laptops has almost vanished.

Gaining access to Google Drive

Now that we have a few fundamentals out of the manner, it is critical to be aware that there are multiple methods to access your drive. Similar to the use of movement in your net browser, you could additionally get the right of entry to the cloud of your mobile tool or desktop.