Free online TI-84 graphing calculator

A TI-84 graphing calculator is an extremely useful tool for students of mathematics and geometry as it comes loaded with various inbuilt applications that help in interactive geometry, real world data collection and inequality graphing.

It was released by Texas Instruments in 2004. Sadly there is no online version of a TI-84 graphing calculator but there is an equally good substitute I would like to share with you guys- GeoGebra Graphing Calculator. It is currently being used by millions of people around the world in over 60 languages. Here you can try to use this calculator. Click on the calculator’s keys to browse through the apps. You may also use your computer’s keyboard. Navigation:   esc. Operations: 0 1   +   ( .

Some keys such as e, π or i cannot be accessed using your computer’s keyboard. Advanced functions (log, cos, sin, …) can be directly typed on your keyboard.

It has options of calculating roots, min/max of functions, plot points on graphs to name a few. Its interface is designed to solve all levels of questions. You can refer to GeoGebra CAS app for solving problems of advanced algebra. The app is available for both Android and iOs and is also available as a software for Windows, Mac and Linux.