Flavors of Native American Spirit Cigarettes

Natural American Spirit is a famous brand of cigarettes and tobacco products in the United States of America.Throughout its history, the Natural American Spirit brand has offered a wide variety of cigarette products whose taste, nicotine level and tar level vary according to the color of the package.

Turquoise (Full-Bodied Taste)

It is made from organic tobacco grown in the United States, according to the USDA National Organic Program criteria for the responsible use of the land.

Gold (Mellow Taste)

This cigarette is also made from organic tobacco grown on farms.

Nicotine: 0.96 mgTar: 7.2 mg

Dark Green (Menthol Full-Bodied Taste)

It is made with a mint plant which goes through an organic process. Liquid menthol is sprayed on tobacco.

Nicotine: 2.17 mgTar: 21.4 mg

Green (Menthol Mellow Taste)

Its flavor is made thanks to an organic process using mint plants and maintaining the same sensation of freshness as in the field.

Nicotine: 1.42 mgTar: 13.1 mg

Black (Rich Robust Taste)

The tobacco used to make these cigarettes only grows in St. James Parish, Louisiana. The flavor is generated thanks to a unique mixture.

Nicotine: 2.02 mgTar: 16.5 mg

Blue (Full-Bodied Taste)

It is one of the oldest packages made with whole leaf tobacco mixtures.

Nicotine: 1.79 mgTar: 16.0 mg


Yellow (Mellow Taste)

These cigarettes offer up to 25% more tobacco than other leading King-sized cigarettes.

Nicotine: 1.30 mgTar: 10.9 mg

Brown (Non-Filter)

It is the only product of this type in Natural American Spirit.

Nicotine: 2.73 mgTar: 27.9 mg

Celadon (Balanced Taste)

It contains up to 25% more tobacco than other cigarettes of larger sizes offering a pleasant smoking experience.

Nicotine: 1.67 mgTar: 13.7 mg

Dark Blue (Full-Bodied Taste)

It is obtained tobacco farms located in only six states of the United States. Natural whole leaf tobacco is used to get this flavor.

Gray (Rich Taste)

Its flavor comes from the same place (St. James Parish) as the black package through traditional methods.

Orange (Smooth Mellow Taste)

Its flavor comes from the traditional natural blend of the brand. It also contains a larger quantity of cigarettes compared to other packages.

Tan (Mellow Taste)

It uses natural whole-leaf tobacco and comes from a long heritage of American farmers.