Fixing “the process android.process.acore has stopped” error

If you are facing an “Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped” Error on your Android and unfit to solve this problem then you are at the correct place. To begin with, let me say you are in good company to get this mistake. There are so many people who face this error. This error might be caused due to various reasons like not being installed as expected, contradiction issues, faulty apps, and some more. Here, I will share with you some of the methods to solve the error.

Don’t reason that you can’t fix this error just by trying one method. I prescribe you to try every method unless you don’t fix the problem. Additionally, a different method has worked for various people.

Method 1: Clearing the contact information.

  • Before starting this method, backup your Contacts. There are many applications accessible in the google play store but we suggest back up the contacts to Gmail.
  • Go to App Setting
  • Go to, All the applications > Find the Contacts
  • Open Contacts  > Clear its information
  • Similarly, Find the Contacts Storage > Clear its information
  • Once you have clear everything, next you have to Force Stop the application.
  • Presently, Restart your phone and see if the error is fixed.
  • If the error is not fixed then likewise try Disabling the Contacts Storage.

This should solve your issue. If you are as yet getting this error, go to the following method.

Method 2: Reset App Preferences

  • Go to “Setting“
  • Tap on “Applications or Application Manager“
  • Tap on three dots (You can find three dots top right on the corner of the screen)
  • Tap on “Reset App Preferences“

This method should work. If it doesn’t fix your issue, go to the third method.

Method 3: Disable, Uninstall, Reinstall & Enable

  • Uninstall the application that is giving you the error message.
  • Likewise, Disable Goolge+ ( It means you need to stop the Goolge+ app)
  • Presently, the Reinstall application that was giving you the error message
  • After that, Enable Google+ (Just open the Google+ application and accept the terms and state of it)

Method 4: Factory Reset your Phone

This is the last method to dispose of the issue but I would suggest not resetting your phone except if there is no other option. Resetting your phone will delete all the information and data download the app, and every such thing but you can back up your information and data, application, and different things prior to resetting the phone.

  • Go to Setting > Scroll down and select the Backup & reset option
  • Once you click Backup & reset > other option will show up
  • Click on Factory Data reset
  • Your phone framework will be as if you have recently brought it because of all the settings and stuff like that you having to set again and it will unquestionably fix the error of your device.

Another Information about this problem

It is now known to everybody that no OS is totally error-free in this universe and Android OS demonstrates it. I’m saying it in light of the fact that there are numerous clients who run over a few issues in their everyday life while getting to their Android devices. There is no way of a second inquiry when discussing Android and its security since it is known as perhaps the most mainstream and dependable OS in this whole world.

I’m discussing the ‘android.process.acore has halted’ blunder in Android. This is one of the blunders which numerous clients have effectively run over and they need some most ideal approaches to dispose of it. I’m certain you are not the one dealing with a similar issue and assuming this is the case, at that point, I am here to help you. This blog will control your most ideal approaches to manage the android.process.acore has halted blunders on your Android phone.

Generally, such a blunder happens when any Android client attempts to settle on a phone call or at the hour of eliminating contacts. For that time, you can’t consider what to do to quit getting such unwanted messages.

It stops clients to get to their device easily and because of this, clients need it to fix right away. Be that as it may, when you go on look for the arrangements then you can get a few yet all don’t work.

But whatever arrangements I have thought of will give you full fulfillment and alleviation from undesirable android.process.acore has topped mistake messages.
Reason why ‘android.process.acore has stopped’ error occurs?

Before going to any arrangements, it is critical to know its causes so that later on, you can stay away from such things happening over and again. The common reasons include:

  1. Operating system or firmware upgrade not done properly
  2. Custom ROM installation failed
  3. Not viable with Android OS version
  4. Utilizing Titanium Backup to restore apps
  5. Due to a system crash
  6. Not having sufficient storage space
  7. Malicious virus attack
  8. Forum Feedback

To see more about android.process.acore and what clients think about it, we finded through several technical support forums and discussion boards. In general, people were searching for android.process.acore keeps stopping, has quit working, has stopped startlingly, and needs a fix.

A phone user whined that his new LG G7 ThinQ was not working expected.

  • He had the phone for less than seven days, and he was at that point getting an error saying that android.process.acore had quit working.
  • The message seemed when he attempted any open an app, and it was very annoying because he unable to utilize the phone at all.
  • The user searched for solutions online, but nothing he found assisted him to deal with the issue.
  • Finally, he reestablished the faculty settings of the phone.
  • The person added that he planned to install only the absolute minimum of apps to try and locate which one was causing the issue.


Well, android.process.acore has stopped is a typical issue nowadays which is faced by numerous Android users and it is also bothering in the sense that it happens after every 5 seconds.  I trust whatever arrangements I have guided in this blog for you will assist you with the excursion fix the mistake without any problem.